Friday, August 21, 2015

VOX: The dumbest "educated" people on the internet?

There's a lot of competition for the title.

Vox headline:

Pregnancy is painful, difficult, and dangerous. No one should be forced into it.

The article is not about forcing women to be pregnant. It is about abortion. Here's a sample for the article:
Banning abortion isn't "preventing killing," it's forcing pregnancy.
Apparently they think that merely failing to have an abortion means a woman is pregnant. And here I always thought the fundamentalist pro-abortionists were simply too fucking stupid to figure out how to use a condom, or similarly complex methods of birth control. No, they're about 40 IQ points below what I had imagined.

And this isn't the only such example from this week of incredible stupidity from the fundamentalist pro-abortion crowd. Jodi Jacobson, Editor in Chief, RH Reality Check, (which organization seems to think the only good pregnancies are the ones that are ended), had an editorial this week in which they called an anti-abortionist a Hitler-loving slut because the woman in question had registered on an online dating site. (This is NOT an Ashley Madison story! Although I'll happily take the traffic.) Apprently being anti-abortion means that one both loves Hitler (figure out the logic of that if you can) and hates sex. Therefore, this anti-abortionist (I'm not using her name out of common decency) needed to be slut-shamed and called a Nazi. I'm sure Jodi Jacobson will be quite happy if her trolls flood the other woman's dating profile with all kinds of vile commentary. (Actually, I'm sure Jacobson would be happy if her trollish supporters found the other woman and beat her with truncheons before setting her on fire. Never too late for a post-natal abortion, right Ms. Jacobson?)

Clearly, Jodi Jacobson hasn't actually ever spoken with or read the views of any anti-abortionist. Not only are most of them not anti-sex, a great many of them, especially the evangelicals & Catholics, are very much pro-sex, and pro-sex for pleasure. It is considered part of the sacrament of marriage for many of them, and something that they should in fact do when they can, even if birth control is used. (This last part varies a lot, but it's out there.) It is a way to increase the intimacy between partners and celebrate the joy of being alive. (In part, I believe, so that the parents can present a unified front against their children, but that is merely inference on my part.) I know this and I don't even go out of my way to learn about these things because it's not part of my job.

But discovering the actual views of anti-abortionists isn't part of Jacobson's job either. Her job is to demonize everyone that doesn't believe that abortion is a right more fundamental than any other. In other words, Jacobson's job is to destroy the lives of everyone that doesn't keep the faith. Jacobson is an inquisitor - she only lacks the legal authority to go full Torquemada on everyone's ass.

The reason I've noticed this is because Jacobson has been forced to come out and apologize - for slut-shaming. She still thinks the other woman is a slut (any woman that likes sex must be a cumdumpster of a slut, by Ms. Jacobson's own reasoning), and a Hitler-lover, but slut-shaming is bad, because it offends real sluts and cumdumpsters.

I would link to some of this, but on the off chance anyone reads this and wants to give the vile folks of the RH Reality Check any traffic, you can look for them yourselves.

Christ Almighty, how did the most stupid people on the entire fucking planet end up being credible voices about anything?

BONUS SECTION: Here's a tip to any clueless fundamentalist pro-abortionists out there: The vast majority of the anti-abortion crowd isn't anti-sex, or anti-sex for pleasure. But they do believe that people need to live with the consequences of their actions if those consequences endanger the life of another person. And yes, they do think a fetus is a person. See how simple that is? Oh yeah, and next time you have sex, use a condom. It really isn't that hard.

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  1. A fundamental tenant of the fetus-smashers is that "it's not human till it's home from the hospital". I wonder if Miss Jacobson goes up to pregnant women and asks "How is the mass of tissue? "? Maybe she simply refers to the fetus as a "growth".