Thursday, August 13, 2015

Thirty years of Thug Life

So the N.W.A. movie is coming out. Obviously, the members of N.W.A., the director, and the stars of the film are being asked about social justice. Also obviously, they're going to ignore the fact that for 30 years the members of N.W.A. glorified thug life, criminality, treating women and their own children like shit*, and have generally inspired their listeners to be the worst human beings they can be. (So will the interviewers, of course.)

Is it any surprise that the guys behind "Fuck tha Police" would think that Michael Brown was a great guy for assaulting people, stealing stuff that didn't belong to him, and later attempting to take a police officer's weapon and kill him with it? No, of course it isn't. Nor is it a surprise that they think Brown (and any other black thug) should be allowed to do whatever they want to whomever they like. Just like it isn't a surprise that they hate teachers and are too stupid to learn how to spell.

Unfortunately, in America these days being stupid, violent, and anti-social is better recipe for success than the opposite.

"O tempora, o mores!"

* It's impossible to brag about how many women have had your children without treating the children like shit, too. The women are cum dumpsters, the children just little chits to ignore, save for the welfare checks.

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  1. Twenty Five years ago , NWA were considered human garbage by the mainstream public. I remember the backlash against the song F*** the Police". Now they get a 50 million+ movie opening and the " they changed history" treatment. We have become a truly jaded and dissolute populace. If we must have theater massacres, do it a t the NWA movie and not insipid romcom's or Batman movies.