Friday, August 14, 2015

Black Behavior Matters

Last Friday a police officer in Alabama, on his way to interview a robbery witness, pulled over a car driving erratically. He called for back-up to handle the case, so he could continue with his other task. He tells the driver of the car to stay in the car. Instead, the driver gets out of the car, confronts the officer, punches him, takes the officer's service weapon and pistol whips the officer into unconsciousness.

Okay, bad enough. But it got worse. Take it away, CNN:
Adding insult to injury is that several bystanders, rather than help, took pictures of the bloodied officer as he was facedown on the concrete and posted the images on social media, where the officer was mocked.
Many people rose to the officer's defense, but the detective's colleagues were outraged by a collection of posts that seemed to revel in the beating. 
"Pistol whipped his ass to sleep," one user wrote, employing the hashtag #FckDaPolice. Another mockingly offered the officer milk and cookies for his "nap time."
Roper, the Birmingham police chief, called the fact bystanders would take pictures of an officer being beaten rather than help him, then proceed to post them, "absolutely inhumane." The online commenters only made it worse.
"It really speaks to the lack of their morality and humanity," the chief said. "(These) people commented on the pictures in a celebratory fashion, ... disregarding that this public servant has a family and is committed to serve in some of our most challenging communities."
No one paying attention needs to be told of the race of the officer, the assailant, or the witnesses who stood and cheered. 

Which gets to the point that Black Behavior Matters. Blacks demand "respect", but most of them can't even act with the most basic human decency. Violent crime, property crime, simple rudeness - these are all part and parcel of the routine lives of Blacks in America. Such behavior does not deserve respect, nor do the people that celebrate and exult in it. A year later and they're still celebrating Michael Brown (violent criminal) as though he were a latter day Martin Luther King, Jr. It beggars belief that they think that any decent person anywhere is going to "respect" them for continually behaving like a bunch of useless thugs. 

(And don't get me started on the misuse of the word "respect", when what is meant is courtesy or civility. This perversion of the language has even infected allegedly educated Whites as well. It's even worse than the misuse of "jealousy" when "envy" is the proper word to use.)

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