Thursday, August 27, 2015

Yep, Jim Harbaugh's natural metier will be as a college coach.

After all, look at the kind of team he ran as the head coach of the San Francisco '49ers! 

Ray McDonald indicted on rape, Ahmad Brooks on sexual battery 

I'm sure Jimbo Fisher and Urban Meyer are concerned now that there's new competition for the absolute bottom of the barrel.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

More stupidity, exactly as expected.

The White House came out today stating that the shooting in VA meant that we needed more gun control legislation. They said this without knowing any of the relevant particulars of the case. That was stupid, and easily predictable.

It's interesting that the President couldn't wait to get out in front of this story and cover himself in the blood of the victims before their bodies are even cold. Interesting in the way that it completely isn't, because it is to be expected from someone this completely crass and disgusting. (The Donald has a long way to go before he is as crass as Obama.) More interesting is that the President didn't bother to give any praise to the Americans who stopped a terrorist in Europe last week, even though the Socialist President of France quickly gave the men the highest award the nation of France has to offer.


Meanwhile, it seems the killer in question in VA, a gay, black radical who wanted to kill blonde white chicks and start a race war, is completely fucking nuts. If THAT narrative holds up (I'll give that a about a 11-1 chance of staying true), the problem won't be gun laws, it will be mental health monitoring procedures. But that remains to be seen. Let's at least let families, friends, co-workers, and live viewers of the shooting* have a few days to compose themselves, grieve, and bury their dead before we get on with the usual political nonsense.

* I only mean those that were watching live, or perhaps those that watch the station fairly often. Those watching live saw three people shot and two murdered while watching a fluff piece about local tourism. That isn't the same as being there, but is still a shock. Those who have watched the footage since? That's your own damned fault, and you should have know better. If you want to be voyeuristic fuckwads, watch (legal) sex porn, not murder porn.

The stupid piles up so fast you need a helicopter to stay above it.

This morning's execution of two local TV news people on live TV in Roanoke VA has really brought out the stupid in people. (And let's not forget that a third victim was shot, though she appears to have simply been an incidental target. Last I checked it sounded like the third victim is expected to live, though I've heard nothing on the nature of her injuries.)

On Twitter I didn't even have to go looking for it. The English declared themselves morally superior to Americans, and pointed out that the same people that support gun rights also support slavery. Yes, seriously, I saw this, but I'm not giving any of the fools mentioned in this post any publicity. (And it is embarrassing to see that English teachers professional educators don't know the history of their own country, and that they don't realize that 1776 comes after any date prior to 1776.)

Others took different angles. I saw one Twit from Chicago, and whose profile claimed he were originally from Detroit, point out that the area in question voted heavily for Romney in 2012, and were therefore likely very pro-gun, and therefore it was their fault. The irony of the Twit being from Chicago and Detroit completely escaped him. Nor did this black man (based on his picture) make any note of the fact that the shooter was a black man, which had already been noticed by that point in time.

Someone else stated that if there had been MORE people with guns around they would have prevented this. The attack, by every account I have read and seen (NOTE: I have not watched either the live news feed of the attack or the killer's own footage of the attack, and won't), was an ambush. If everyone there had had a concealed carry permit and was packing, it would have made ZERO DIFFERENCE, as the attack was a surprise and over in seconds.

The stupid is all around for this one.

SIDE NOTE: Drudge has a shot up at the top of his page of the reporter and her interview subject apparently at the moment they're being shot. That is in exceptionally poor taste, even for a self-acknowledged muck-raker such as Matt Drudge. Bad form. Cum-stained dresses are one thing, but this is something different.

Drag Queens Object to Men Dressing Like Women

The stupid just does not stop. 

Caitlyn Jenner Halloween Costume Sparks Internet Outrage: ‘Disgraceful,’ ‘Transphobic’

Truly an impressive display of cognitive dissonance. 

Note to Sanctimonious English Cunts

Slavery was imported into what became the United States of America by the English. The cavaliers in the South wanted the free labor, and the roundheaded Puritans up north were happy to profit from the trade thereby.

Please remember that the next time one of you Limey cunts wants to be sanctimonious about America's original sin: It was your sin first, we just inherited it.

(Next time we'll just leave you bastards to the Germans.)

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

David Gergen - Shill for the Olgarchy

There's so much dishonesty and crappy reasoning in this piece from David Gergen that it's hard to know where to begin. But I think I'll start with this:
It is not clear whether coming events will play into the hands of Bernie Sanders -- they should on inequality -- but they should certainly give Joe Biden more of an opening. A man who was at Obama's side in coming out of the recession, friend of working people, a good Catholic -- those could be high cards for him. 
I can see at least three blatant lies in this paragraph.

First, we never really came out the recession. As Bernie Sanders likes to point out (and Trump too, though not with numbers), if the Labor Force Participation Rate were the same today as it were in 2007, the U-3 unemployment rate (which is the one they always discuss in the news) would still be over 10%. Ten fucking percent unemployment for 6+ years! We only came out of the recession in anything other than a technical sense because we're lying about the numbers. And by 'we' I mean the people in charge, not any of us.

Second, Biden is no friend of the working people, having sponsored a bankruptcy reform bill in 2005 that re-wrote bankruptcy laws in a way favorable to the banksters, and in a way guaranteed to make wage slaves out of the vast majority of future college students.

Third, while I am not a Catholic myself, I do think it is probably hard to call yourself a good Catholic when you are in favor of millions and millions of abortions each year, and in fact want more and more all the time.

Maybe I'll address the more subtle lies later, but probably not. Not even a giant dung beetle from a Japanese Godzilla-type film* could digest a shit sandwich of this size.

* That would be a 'kaiju' film, to all the nerds out there.

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Straight Outta Da Slaked Lime & Chalk Bucket

Via CNN, I saw this story from The Hollywood Reporter:

Dr. Dre Apologizes "to the Women I've Hurt"
The self-described gangsta rapping nigga has a history in which he has treated some women badly. (I know, right? Who'd a thunk it?!)

A couple of examples from the article. 

Michel'le [a former fiancee - Gato] told VladTV she has accepted that his allegedly abusive behavior during the six years they were together, which they've both openly acknowledged, isn't in Compton. 

"Why would Dre put me in it? If they start from where they start from," she said, "I was just a quiet girlfriend who got beat up and told to sit down and shut up."

She also recently recounted his alleged abuse, telling morning show The Breakfast Club, "When he gave me my very first black eye, we laid in the bed and cried. He was crying and I was crying because I was in shock, hurt and in pain. I don’t know why he was crying, but he said 'I’m really sorry.' That was the only time he ever said he was really sorry. And he said, 'I’ll never hit you in that eye again, okay?'"
I wonder if he was good to his word, and only hit every other part of her besides that eye from that point onward?

But yeah, I can see how the guys who rapped about all women being bitches and 'ho's, and how bad-assed violent they were to everyone, and how they wanted to kill all the cops, would be afraid that one of them might end up looking bad if they put in some scenes that showed that, yes, he DID like beating the Hell out of women.

Here's another bit from Dre's past:
[Hip-hop journalist Dee] Barnes, meanwhile, penned an essay for Gawker in which she reflected on a 1991 record-release party where Dre allegedly tried to throw her down a flight of stairs, choked her and pinned her to the floor of the women's bathroom with his knee on her chest. Barnes settled out of court with Dre, who pled no contest to assault and served two years probation. Barnes said she doesn't think the incident should have been in Compton.
"The truth is too ugly for a general audience," she wrote. "I didn’t want to see a depiction of me getting beat up, just like I didn’t want to see a depiction of Dre beating up Michel’le. ... But what should have been addressed is that it occurred."
Yeah, let's not show it. That would be too real. And we shouldn't have any reality in a bio-pic, should we? Especially if it makes the stars look bad. I'm sure if we had gotten an IKE Turner bio-pic, we wouldn't have seen him beating the crap out of Tina.

Pretty funny that a film about a bunch of self-described niggas contains so much whitewash.

Don't cross the streams!

More fun with vibrancy from South Florida! (Suggested tourism slogan: South Florida, where FUN gets its face eaten!)

This time, a teen gets hacked to death by a bunch of fellow students! Yay!

This story has several 'vibrant' & 'fun' elements. First, for 'vibrancy' we get this about the victim:
Jose Amaya Guardado's mother said she brought her son to the United States nine years ago to escape the violence rampant in their native El Salvador. But now his family is mourning his death in what police describe as a brutal machete attack.
"I brought my son from there because they were killing people," Lucia Guardado said, in Spanish, at the family's south Miami-Dade home. "I never imagined they would do something like that to my son here."
Apparently, she had never heard anything about Miami post-1977, nor America post-1965. We've been importing that into the country at an ever increasing rate for 50 years now, and Miami has caught some of the worst of the Hell.

The first bit of 'fun' comes from this description of the crime.
According to the report, Amaya Guardado was ordered to lie in the shallow grave after the initial attack, but he made one last attempt to fight off the assailants. That's when police say Arbelo struck Amaya Guardado several more times with the machete until his face caved in. The suspects then pushed Amaya Guardado into the grave and buried him, according to the report. Strickland and another suspect stayed behind after the killing to have sex, it added.
How'd that conversation go? "Hey, baby, let's hack somebody to death with a machete out in the woods, then bury the body, and then fuck until we get bit by deer ticks and contract Lyme Disease?" "Okay. But you'd better not cum in my eye after ass fucking me again!"

What the fuck is up with teen mating rituals these days?

The second bit of 'fun' is that the female suspect (more on them in a few paragraphs) was upset because she had missed the start of the beating that preceded the murder because she had gone to pee in the woods.

The final, most concerning bit of 'fun' is this:
Amaya Guardado's father, Santos Amaya, said his son began attending the school months before his death. Amaya said his son — the youngest of six siblings — wanted to learn how to be a mechanic, but the family didn't know the school took in students with criminal records.
He said his son was roommates with Arbelo, who the police report describes as the primary attacker in the group accused of killing Amaya Guardado.
"When you go there, they only show you the good," Santos Amaya said of the school, speaking in Spanish. "They don't show you the ugly."
A telephone message left late Friday with the U.S. Department of Labor wasn't immediately returned. In a statement released Wednesday, a Labor Department spokesman said security is their top priority.
No, fuckheads, if security were your top priority, you wouldn't be locking known criminals in with people trying to improve their lots in life through the magic of education. (Anyone want to bet on the likelihood of the criminal records for some of these folks being violent in nature? No? No suckers in this crowd, sadly.)

The final bit of 'vibrancy' concerns the identity of four of the five suspects:
Miami-Dade police have charged four of Amaya Guardado's classmates with second-degree murder: Kaheem Arbelo, 20; Jonathan Lucas, 18; Christian Colon, 19; and Desiray Strickland, 18. Detectives said they're expecting to make a fifth arrest.
Pictures can't tell you everything, and neither can names. But the combination of both would indicate that Arbelo & Colon are Hispanic, and Lucas & Strickland are black.

We keep getting told that all the Third World immigrants are making America more 'vibrant'. Well, we already had our own native 'vibrant' elements. (See blacks, doctors, politicians....) One would think that people would have learned by analogy to not cross one's streams of 'vibrancy'. But learning by analogy is a fairly sophisticated concept, and I guess no one remembers the 1980s any more.

Maybe there is something to those claims of racism in the media.

A case of a White Behaving Badly (WBB, similarly to Blacks Behaving Badly, BBB) turned up. A doctor in Texas seems to have decided to go over to the Dark Side and started botching surgeries on patients a few years back. The man's name is Christopher Duntsch, pictured below.

But goddamn if the picture at the top of The Dallas Morning News article isn't a black man! At least it says within the frame that the man in the video is one of the patients injured by Duntsch, but come on, editor! Lead with the fucking criminal!

After reading the article, you can reflect on the fact that surgeon is a GREAT occupation for a sociopath to have. If fact, it might even be a good quality for a surgeon to have, if you can count on them to do a good job for other motivations, such as pride in work.

More on Moore.

Gregory B. Moore, subject of the previous post (go there now if you haven't read it yet), deserves another few inches of columnar, pixelated, editorial commentary from an overly wordy Felis silvestris catus. ((Yes, I've been alternating naps on a thesaurus & a dictionary for the last day or so. They're large, and when open, quite comfy.)

On Tuesday, December 2, 2014, Mr. Moore, perhaps under the influence of Satanic possession, went bat-shit crazy, killed one person, critically injured another, and committed a string of car-jackings. (I'm going to omit the 'allegedly' wimp-out language, as this guy is guilty as Hell.) An article in Sun Sentinel from that day gives some additional background.
The FBI identified the gunman as Gregory B. Moore, 35, who goes by the nickname Pop. Moore has a lengthy criminal record and is considered armed and dangerous.
Moore has served five stints in Florida state prisons going back to 1997. The longest and most recent stay was from Sept. 1, 2011 to Feb. 15, 2014, when he served nearly 2 1/2 years of a 4-year prison sentence for an armed robbery in Pompano Beach.
Moore's other convictions include burglary, assault, aggravated battery and cocaine possession.
But that's not all! Moore had been arrested two days prior to his December 2 crime spree:
Moore's most recent run-in with police was Sunday [November 30, 2014 - Gato], when he was arrested about 3:30 a.m. by Lauderhill police. He was charged with possession of a weapon or ammunition by a convicted felon, posted $2,500 bond and was released the same day, records show.
Perhaps the bond should have been set a little higher.

Or perhaps Moore should have done the full four years in prison for the previous armed robbery conviction. Had he served out the four years, two other people would have lived past December 2, 2014. Note that the four years for armed robbery came AFTER other convictions for violent crimes. Justice isn't just blind, it's deaf and dumb, too.

Side note: I remember James Ellroy writing in one of his books (I believe it was Blood's a Rover) that the LAPD once had an unwritten rule that when practical, armed robbers should be killed. The reasoning for such a practice was that armed robbers had a very high likelihood of eventually killing someone, so it was better to stop them before they killed some innocent. I have no idea if that claim was merely a fictitious invention for his story, or if it had some basis in fact. However, it doesn't seem like such a bad idea, and is probably better than letting armed robbers out after less than two and a half years in prison.

The Church Lady did it better.

From the always delightful Broward County, Florida:
When Gregory Moore, the suspect in a fatal crime spree that shut down much of Broward County in December, was arrested after a two-day manhunt even he seemed incredulous at the trail of violence and destruction attributed to him.
The allegations he committed one murder, one attempted murder and five carjackings in a matter of hours were so crazy, Moore told law enforcement that people would say he was using flakka, a synthetic hallucinogen associated with bizarre behavior.
But Moore, 35, also known as Pop, denied he had used any drugs, saying his body didn't handle them well.
Of course he doesn't. But he came up with better excuses.
"I don't [know] what it is, man, somebody did Satan to me, put Satan in my brain, man, it made my brain...," Moore told Gerard Starkey, a Doral police officer with the FBI task force.
Ultimately, and perhaps fearing that he was infringing on Dana Carvey's intellectual property rights,  Moore came up with one more excuse:
"I don't know man, it's a spell on me, man, just like my brain, man..." Moore said later in the interview. "Something like split my brain, it ain't no snap, man, a snap, Mr. Gerry, if a person snapped man, they don't... I don't know, man, because I don't know, man, people, when people snap, I guess they do a whole lot more things, man."
I guess they do.

BONUS: Moore, who has what one paper described as a lengthy criminal record, has eight children at the tender young age of 35. We'd better hope that Moore was possessed by Satan, as possession by Satan hasn't been shown to be a heritable trait, unlike, say, various forms of mental health issues, problems with substance abuse, or stupidity.

Friday, August 21, 2015

Deeply confused

Not sure if I'm supposed to stand up and cheer when a woman is getting punched in the head until she's unconscious and has brain damage, or if I should stand up and boo. Think I'll just find a sunny spot and take a nap instead.

VOX: The dumbest "educated" people on the internet?

There's a lot of competition for the title.

Vox headline:

Pregnancy is painful, difficult, and dangerous. No one should be forced into it.

The article is not about forcing women to be pregnant. It is about abortion. Here's a sample for the article:
Banning abortion isn't "preventing killing," it's forcing pregnancy.
Apparently they think that merely failing to have an abortion means a woman is pregnant. And here I always thought the fundamentalist pro-abortionists were simply too fucking stupid to figure out how to use a condom, or similarly complex methods of birth control. No, they're about 40 IQ points below what I had imagined.

And this isn't the only such example from this week of incredible stupidity from the fundamentalist pro-abortion crowd. Jodi Jacobson, Editor in Chief, RH Reality Check, (which organization seems to think the only good pregnancies are the ones that are ended), had an editorial this week in which they called an anti-abortionist a Hitler-loving slut because the woman in question had registered on an online dating site. (This is NOT an Ashley Madison story! Although I'll happily take the traffic.) Apprently being anti-abortion means that one both loves Hitler (figure out the logic of that if you can) and hates sex. Therefore, this anti-abortionist (I'm not using her name out of common decency) needed to be slut-shamed and called a Nazi. I'm sure Jodi Jacobson will be quite happy if her trolls flood the other woman's dating profile with all kinds of vile commentary. (Actually, I'm sure Jacobson would be happy if her trollish supporters found the other woman and beat her with truncheons before setting her on fire. Never too late for a post-natal abortion, right Ms. Jacobson?)

Clearly, Jodi Jacobson hasn't actually ever spoken with or read the views of any anti-abortionist. Not only are most of them not anti-sex, a great many of them, especially the evangelicals & Catholics, are very much pro-sex, and pro-sex for pleasure. It is considered part of the sacrament of marriage for many of them, and something that they should in fact do when they can, even if birth control is used. (This last part varies a lot, but it's out there.) It is a way to increase the intimacy between partners and celebrate the joy of being alive. (In part, I believe, so that the parents can present a unified front against their children, but that is merely inference on my part.) I know this and I don't even go out of my way to learn about these things because it's not part of my job.

But discovering the actual views of anti-abortionists isn't part of Jacobson's job either. Her job is to demonize everyone that doesn't believe that abortion is a right more fundamental than any other. In other words, Jacobson's job is to destroy the lives of everyone that doesn't keep the faith. Jacobson is an inquisitor - she only lacks the legal authority to go full Torquemada on everyone's ass.

The reason I've noticed this is because Jacobson has been forced to come out and apologize - for slut-shaming. She still thinks the other woman is a slut (any woman that likes sex must be a cumdumpster of a slut, by Ms. Jacobson's own reasoning), and a Hitler-lover, but slut-shaming is bad, because it offends real sluts and cumdumpsters.

I would link to some of this, but on the off chance anyone reads this and wants to give the vile folks of the RH Reality Check any traffic, you can look for them yourselves.

Christ Almighty, how did the most stupid people on the entire fucking planet end up being credible voices about anything?

BONUS SECTION: Here's a tip to any clueless fundamentalist pro-abortionists out there: The vast majority of the anti-abortion crowd isn't anti-sex, or anti-sex for pleasure. But they do believe that people need to live with the consequences of their actions if those consequences endanger the life of another person. And yes, they do think a fetus is a person. See how simple that is? Oh yeah, and next time you have sex, use a condom. It really isn't that hard.


Bacon is proof that God hates Jews, Muslims, and pigs.

"Animal rights activist beaten with duck in Spain"


Wednesday, August 19, 2015

More stupid, violent black people.

Back to St. Louis!
Officers were executing a search warrant at a home near Walton and Page, Dotson said at a news conference, when two armed men ran out of the back door of the home.
One pointed a gun at police officers, the chief said.
It appears two officers fired a total of four shots – one fired one shot, the other fired three shots, Dotson said.
Both officers, who are white, were unharmed, according to a police report.
One suspect was hit, continued running, collapsed, and was pronounced dead at the scene. The suspect was a black male in his early 20s, and he had a gun reported stolen from Rolla, Mo.
Naturally, the neighbors in this drug- and violence- plagued neighborhood blamed the police:
“Another youth down by the hands of police,” Dex Dockett, 42, who lives nearby, told a reporter. “What could have been done different to de-escalate rather than escalate? [How about not point firearms at the police? - ed.] They (police) come in with an us-against-them mentality. You’ve got to have the right kind of cops to engage in these types of neighborhoods.”
Another neighborhood resident, Fred Price, skeptical about Dotson’s account that the suspect pointed a gun at officers before being mortally wounded.
“They provoked the situation,” Price, 33, said. “Situations like this make us want to keep the police out of the neighborhood. They’re shooting first, then asking questions.”
Hey, dumb fucks, the asshole pointed a stolen firearm at the police. (The relevance of the stolen nature of the firearm, which the police couldn't have known about at that time, was that the police couldn't have had access to that particular weapon to plant it.)

But I'm sure if the police pull out of that neighborhood, as the stupid residents want, they would then bitch and complain that the police aren't protecting them. Just like in Baltimore. Apparently black intelligence has deteriorated to the point that they are completely incapable of considering consequences. You know, things like, "If I point a gun at the police they may become agitated," or "If I punch this cop in the head and try to take his gun and shoot him with it, he may decide (for reasons completely beyond my 40 IQ of grasping) that I'm some kind of threat." Or, "If the police leave, those killer crack heads across the street may decide they really do run the place and will start killing even more people." But then that would require having the functional intelligence of a rotten cucumber, so what can you expect?

ADDED: I'd love to see the records of Dex Dockett and Fred Price.

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Black Behavior Matters Part 2: Good Little Boy Edition

From the Orlando Sentinel:
Three more suspects were arrested Friday in the violent carjacking of a federal agent vacationing with his family in the International Drive tourist corridor.
Dante Askins, an 18-year-old gang member, was arrested first Thursday afternoon driving a stolen car less than a mile from the previous night's carjacking, arrest records show.
On Friday morning, a 15-year-old suspect accompanied by his parents turned himself in at Orange County sheriff's headquarters, 2500 W. Colonial Drive. Hours later, a 16-year-old suspect was arrested, and 18-year-old Gregory McDonald was arrested Friday night, according to Sheriff Jerry Demings.
At least three of the four of them have criminal records:
The carjacking was Askins' sixth arrest, records show.
In 2013, the former student at Oak Ridge High School was charged as an adult at 16 with attempted first-degree murder after a drive-by shooting between two Pine Hills street gangs, Death Over Mercy and the Gorillas. A 15-year-old girl was wounded in the shooting, records show.
The Orlando Sentinel is not identifying the juvenile defendants unless the Orange-Osceola State Attorney's Office decides to prosecute them as adults.
The 15-year-old was charged a year ago in Apopka with kidnapping and causing great bodily harm. The 16-year-old has five prior felony arrests starting at age 13 that include burglary, robberies and stealing a car, according to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement.
The mother of the 16 year-old was SHOCKED to discover her son had done such a thing, despite his prior felony arrests. His family alleges that he was just along for the ride and didn't know the others had a crime spree planned. He didn't know nuthin'. Don't worry, Levanti Redding is a football star at Jones High School, so he'll be coming to a college near you soon.

Looking at the Orange County Clerk of Courts records, I see the other member of the party, Gregory McDonald, has several prior arrests with at least 14 felony charges against him in the past, and two misdemeanor charges. He has even been charged with armed car-jacking and kidnapping before, as well as armed robbery, sexual battery on a minor, and other charges. More often than not he has been "Found Incompetent to Proceed". Wonderful.

Why highlight this case? Because of the multiple arrests these four have had, despite their youth. Because at least one of them has belonged to a gang called Death Over Mercy, which has feuded with another gang called the Gorillas. Because they decided to go far afield from their own stomping grounds to look for victims. Because they didn't have anything in mind OTHER than going out and kidnapping someone and pistol whipping them and stealing their vehicle JUST for a night of fun, no real profit expected. Because it was just so stupidly violent. Because they're likely to be back on the street in no time, because they will be "Found Incompetent to Proceed" or because the prosecutor will plead them down because Black Lives (and ONLY Black Lives) Matter.  Because it's just so fucking typical.

A Tip to Our African-American Co-Inhabitants of North America

Don't expect any white person* with any sense at all to respect you if you call yourself and your friends and family "nigger". Saying it with a 'a' at then end instead of an 'er' doesn't help. No calls for "respect" will be heeded in such cases, and frankly, they shouldn't be. No one will respect you if you treat yourself like trash.

* Some whites will say they do. But they've either got no sense (check for drug addiction or other obvious signs that they're not all there), or they're the kind of white people that love blacks in the abstract but live in Whitopias like Portland, Oregon or Vermont.

Friday, August 14, 2015

Black Behavior Matters

Last Friday a police officer in Alabama, on his way to interview a robbery witness, pulled over a car driving erratically. He called for back-up to handle the case, so he could continue with his other task. He tells the driver of the car to stay in the car. Instead, the driver gets out of the car, confronts the officer, punches him, takes the officer's service weapon and pistol whips the officer into unconsciousness.

Okay, bad enough. But it got worse. Take it away, CNN:
Adding insult to injury is that several bystanders, rather than help, took pictures of the bloodied officer as he was facedown on the concrete and posted the images on social media, where the officer was mocked.
Many people rose to the officer's defense, but the detective's colleagues were outraged by a collection of posts that seemed to revel in the beating. 
"Pistol whipped his ass to sleep," one user wrote, employing the hashtag #FckDaPolice. Another mockingly offered the officer milk and cookies for his "nap time."
Roper, the Birmingham police chief, called the fact bystanders would take pictures of an officer being beaten rather than help him, then proceed to post them, "absolutely inhumane." The online commenters only made it worse.
"It really speaks to the lack of their morality and humanity," the chief said. "(These) people commented on the pictures in a celebratory fashion, ... disregarding that this public servant has a family and is committed to serve in some of our most challenging communities."
No one paying attention needs to be told of the race of the officer, the assailant, or the witnesses who stood and cheered. 

Which gets to the point that Black Behavior Matters. Blacks demand "respect", but most of them can't even act with the most basic human decency. Violent crime, property crime, simple rudeness - these are all part and parcel of the routine lives of Blacks in America. Such behavior does not deserve respect, nor do the people that celebrate and exult in it. A year later and they're still celebrating Michael Brown (violent criminal) as though he were a latter day Martin Luther King, Jr. It beggars belief that they think that any decent person anywhere is going to "respect" them for continually behaving like a bunch of useless thugs. 

(And don't get me started on the misuse of the word "respect", when what is meant is courtesy or civility. This perversion of the language has even infected allegedly educated Whites as well. It's even worse than the misuse of "jealousy" when "envy" is the proper word to use.)

On fighting the Good Fight, and Defeatism

The following is a comment I left at Steve Sailer's iSteve blog, in reply to another commenter on the Informed Consent post:

This is going to sound like a smart-ass comment, for which I apologize, but it isn't meant to be.
"For a tangible example, after leaving the comment on the @IlanBrat post I sent him a few tweets. Did anyone here attempt to contact him or help with my attempts to contact him? Did anyone here do anything similar? If not, then you aren’t in their league and they’re going to keep doing what they’ve been doing and they’re going to keep winning."
What difference, at this point, would it make if we had commented, either on the post or on Twitter? The comments may or may not be 'disappeared', but getting blocked and muted on Twitter is almost a certainty. It's not like these folks don't know of the intensity of the feelings of the majority on this issue.

For example, the NYTs ran an article on Disney and SCE dumping IT workers in the USA and replacing them with H-1B imports. The comments were extremely passionate, very anti-H-1B and anti-corporate, and largely anti-immigration in general. The NYTs even ran an article a few days later, on page 1 of the print edition, I believe, reporting on the reaction in the comment section to the first article. Has the NYTs changed its position on open borders even one lick since then? Are they ever likely to do so?

I will confess to defeatism on this issue. I've been following politics for 35 years now, and as I've grown older I've realized that there are two factions in the country: the rulers and their minions, aspirants, and useful idiots; and the rest of us. There is infighting amongst the rulers as to how to divide up the spoils, but when it comes down to it that ruling class is uniformly against the majority of the country and exclusively for their own benefit - and THEY see it as a zero sum game.

I've seen political insurgencies come and go. Reagan looked like an insurgency, once, but it turns out he was just in favor of Wall Street raping the country financially while opening up the borders a bit more.

Perot WAS an insurgency. He made a splash in 1992, but by 1996 and 2000 the ripples had died away. (Wasn't it discussed here that Romney lost in 2012 precisely because he did worse than expected in counties which had shown strong Perot support in 1992?)

The Tea Parties were, at their core, insurgent against the ruling class, but they've been so easily co-opted that it isn't even funny. (And it was pretty obvious from the get go that they would be easily co-opted.) The Occupy Movement was a joke.

And now, The Donald and Bernie Show. A look at the records of each shows that if they somehow do get elected President they're likely to go back to being the open borders guys everyone else in The Establishment.

So I don't think adding my voice, or even a few voices, or even a huge numbers of voices to the online din will make a difference. If Perot, with his billions and his desire and the support of 19,743,821 voters couldn't make a difference, what hope have we now, after 23 years of additional, and accelerated, rot?

Again, apologies for the sour tone.

Steve Sailer on Informed Consent

Brilliant stuff:
A simple meta-principle that should govern vast social engineering experiments such as immigration, housing policies, disparate impact quotas and so forth is the health and research concept of “Informed Consent.” The potential consequences of government policies such as lack of enforcement of immigration laws or Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing should be explained to American citizenry in simple, frank language. 

Most importantly, no efforts should be made to silence vigorous debate on these subjects in order to bring about Uninformed Submission. In particular, experts, such as Jason Richwine, James D. Watson, and Larry Summers, should not be fired, pour encourager les autres, precisely for offering informed analysis of the likely consequences of social experiments.
If you've got some spare cash, you could do worse than to direct some of it his way.

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Another sign of a booming economy: Food banks getting crushed by demand

The "economic recovery" in the USA has been going on since June of 2009, officially. Unofficially, (meaning, in the real world), there has been no recovery. The economy hit bottom, and then proceeded to slowly grow from that new, lower base case. But it has not grown fast enough, in terms of jobs or in terms of pay, to get the economy back to where it was.

For those that would cite employment numbers, such as the unemployment rate being low, well, you're a chump. I'm tempted to follow Tiny's advice* ("How many times I gotta say it? There's no percentage in smartenin' up a chump."), but I will just point out that the participation percentage cratering has been the real reason for the drop. If the participation percentage was where it had been, the UE-3 rate would be over nine percent, and maybe over ten percent. (I haven't checked the particulars in a while - it's too depressing, even for a cat.) And that is the REAL level of unemployment we've had for years now.**

One sign that the economy still stinks is that "Food Stamp" usage has ballooned under Obama, and has shown few signs of decreasing. (Usage has dropped since late 2013. However, as even the Huffington Post pointed out, that has largely been due to the government tightening eligibility rules.) Similarly, food banks are getting crushed. In fact, they're having to ration out what they give to families now, because of demand.
DES MOINES, Iowa (AP) -- Food banks across the country are seeing a rising demand for free groceries despite the growing economy, leading some charities to reduce the amount of food they offer each family.

U.S. food banks are expected to give away about 4 billion pounds of food this year, more than double the amount provided a decade ago, according to Feeding America, the nation's primary food bank network. The group gave away 3.8 billion in 2013.
While reliance on food banks exploded when the economy tanked in 2008, groups said demand continues to rise year after year, leaving them scrambling to find more food.
"We get lines of people every day, starting at 6:30 in the morning," said Sheila Moore, who oversees food distribution at The Storehouse, the largest pantry in Albuquerque, New Mexico, and one where food distribution has climbed 15 percent in the past year.
Going from 3.8 billion pounds of food to 4 billion pounds of food is a growth rate of over 5%. Too bad the economy can't grow that fast. A depressing article, but I recommend you read all of it.

* From the movie The Set-up (1949).

** Which also ignores the rise of temp work & part-time work at the expense of full-time work. The employment situation is even worse than it appears.
A longer post coming in a minute, but I want to highlight one bit of bullshit from an (otherwise excellent) article to appear in that post. In an AP article about increased food BANK usage (as opposed to SNAP usage, which used to be know as Food Stamps), they pull a bit of reporting legerdemain. To wit:
The drop in food stamp rolls by nearly 2.5 million people from recession levels could be contributing to the food bank demand, he said, because people who no longer qualify for the government aid may still not earn enough to pay their bills.
Recession levels? RECESSION LEVELS? I call bullshit. The peaks of SNAP enrollment occurred in late 2012 and throughout 2013. Over 47 million enrolled throughout that stretch. That's from three and a half to four and a half years AFTER THE RECESSION ENDED. 

The only economic situation since the end of WWII to be as bad as the Great Recession has been the Obama Recovery. Things are unlikely to get better if no one will acknowledge the problem.

Thirty years of Thug Life

So the N.W.A. movie is coming out. Obviously, the members of N.W.A., the director, and the stars of the film are being asked about social justice. Also obviously, they're going to ignore the fact that for 30 years the members of N.W.A. glorified thug life, criminality, treating women and their own children like shit*, and have generally inspired their listeners to be the worst human beings they can be. (So will the interviewers, of course.)

Is it any surprise that the guys behind "Fuck tha Police" would think that Michael Brown was a great guy for assaulting people, stealing stuff that didn't belong to him, and later attempting to take a police officer's weapon and kill him with it? No, of course it isn't. Nor is it a surprise that they think Brown (and any other black thug) should be allowed to do whatever they want to whomever they like. Just like it isn't a surprise that they hate teachers and are too stupid to learn how to spell.

Unfortunately, in America these days being stupid, violent, and anti-social is better recipe for success than the opposite.

"O tempora, o mores!"

* It's impossible to brag about how many women have had your children without treating the children like shit, too. The women are cum dumpsters, the children just little chits to ignore, save for the welfare checks.

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Black Jaws Matter [Updated]

First, Cam Newton starts a fight in the Panthers training camp and states that he's too stupid to learn anything, and then Geno Smith gets cold-cocked in the Jets lookroom over ~$1,000, gets his jaw broken, and will miss six to ten weeks. A fine day for black NFL QBs.

Racist this, racist that....

Whenever I see a headline like

It’s Time to Haul Down Another Flag of Racist Hate

I just assume the writer is trying to distract me from something else. What, I have no idea, although these days it's a safe bet that somewhere blacks are behaving badly. And, as pointed out by Crassus, if an article starts with “A day of peaceful protest commemorating the killing of an unarmed black teenager….”, one knows that the story which follows will be all about the inevitable riot.


I am the cat in this library. As such, the library is mine. Don Winston comes around from time to time, but he seems to have lost interest in the books. He even seems to have forgotten what they were for. So this is my place now. Or course, it was anyway, but I used to give some credence to human norms, when the whim took me.

As the cat of this place, my prerogative is to do as I please, when I please. I will sleep where I will, when I will. I will speak my mind as I see fit. And I will not care what anyone else thinks about the matter. You are either a warm lap and a willing hand to scratch my ears, or you are useless. And you'd better make sure the food is ready when I'm hungry....