Sunday, August 23, 2015

Don't cross the streams!

More fun with vibrancy from South Florida! (Suggested tourism slogan: South Florida, where FUN gets its face eaten!)

This time, a teen gets hacked to death by a bunch of fellow students! Yay!

This story has several 'vibrant' & 'fun' elements. First, for 'vibrancy' we get this about the victim:
Jose Amaya Guardado's mother said she brought her son to the United States nine years ago to escape the violence rampant in their native El Salvador. But now his family is mourning his death in what police describe as a brutal machete attack.
"I brought my son from there because they were killing people," Lucia Guardado said, in Spanish, at the family's south Miami-Dade home. "I never imagined they would do something like that to my son here."
Apparently, she had never heard anything about Miami post-1977, nor America post-1965. We've been importing that into the country at an ever increasing rate for 50 years now, and Miami has caught some of the worst of the Hell.

The first bit of 'fun' comes from this description of the crime.
According to the report, Amaya Guardado was ordered to lie in the shallow grave after the initial attack, but he made one last attempt to fight off the assailants. That's when police say Arbelo struck Amaya Guardado several more times with the machete until his face caved in. The suspects then pushed Amaya Guardado into the grave and buried him, according to the report. Strickland and another suspect stayed behind after the killing to have sex, it added.
How'd that conversation go? "Hey, baby, let's hack somebody to death with a machete out in the woods, then bury the body, and then fuck until we get bit by deer ticks and contract Lyme Disease?" "Okay. But you'd better not cum in my eye after ass fucking me again!"

What the fuck is up with teen mating rituals these days?

The second bit of 'fun' is that the female suspect (more on them in a few paragraphs) was upset because she had missed the start of the beating that preceded the murder because she had gone to pee in the woods.

The final, most concerning bit of 'fun' is this:
Amaya Guardado's father, Santos Amaya, said his son began attending the school months before his death. Amaya said his son — the youngest of six siblings — wanted to learn how to be a mechanic, but the family didn't know the school took in students with criminal records.
He said his son was roommates with Arbelo, who the police report describes as the primary attacker in the group accused of killing Amaya Guardado.
"When you go there, they only show you the good," Santos Amaya said of the school, speaking in Spanish. "They don't show you the ugly."
A telephone message left late Friday with the U.S. Department of Labor wasn't immediately returned. In a statement released Wednesday, a Labor Department spokesman said security is their top priority.
No, fuckheads, if security were your top priority, you wouldn't be locking known criminals in with people trying to improve their lots in life through the magic of education. (Anyone want to bet on the likelihood of the criminal records for some of these folks being violent in nature? No? No suckers in this crowd, sadly.)

The final bit of 'vibrancy' concerns the identity of four of the five suspects:
Miami-Dade police have charged four of Amaya Guardado's classmates with second-degree murder: Kaheem Arbelo, 20; Jonathan Lucas, 18; Christian Colon, 19; and Desiray Strickland, 18. Detectives said they're expecting to make a fifth arrest.
Pictures can't tell you everything, and neither can names. But the combination of both would indicate that Arbelo & Colon are Hispanic, and Lucas & Strickland are black.

We keep getting told that all the Third World immigrants are making America more 'vibrant'. Well, we already had our own native 'vibrant' elements. (See blacks, doctors, politicians....) One would think that people would have learned by analogy to not cross one's streams of 'vibrancy'. But learning by analogy is a fairly sophisticated concept, and I guess no one remembers the 1980s any more.

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