Sunday, August 23, 2015

Maybe there is something to those claims of racism in the media.

A case of a White Behaving Badly (WBB, similarly to Blacks Behaving Badly, BBB) turned up. A doctor in Texas seems to have decided to go over to the Dark Side and started botching surgeries on patients a few years back. The man's name is Christopher Duntsch, pictured below.

But goddamn if the picture at the top of The Dallas Morning News article isn't a black man! At least it says within the frame that the man in the video is one of the patients injured by Duntsch, but come on, editor! Lead with the fucking criminal!

After reading the article, you can reflect on the fact that surgeon is a GREAT occupation for a sociopath to have. If fact, it might even be a good quality for a surgeon to have, if you can count on them to do a good job for other motivations, such as pride in work.

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