Wednesday, August 26, 2015

More stupidity, exactly as expected.

The White House came out today stating that the shooting in VA meant that we needed more gun control legislation. They said this without knowing any of the relevant particulars of the case. That was stupid, and easily predictable.

It's interesting that the President couldn't wait to get out in front of this story and cover himself in the blood of the victims before their bodies are even cold. Interesting in the way that it completely isn't, because it is to be expected from someone this completely crass and disgusting. (The Donald has a long way to go before he is as crass as Obama.) More interesting is that the President didn't bother to give any praise to the Americans who stopped a terrorist in Europe last week, even though the Socialist President of France quickly gave the men the highest award the nation of France has to offer.


Meanwhile, it seems the killer in question in VA, a gay, black radical who wanted to kill blonde white chicks and start a race war, is completely fucking nuts. If THAT narrative holds up (I'll give that a about a 11-1 chance of staying true), the problem won't be gun laws, it will be mental health monitoring procedures. But that remains to be seen. Let's at least let families, friends, co-workers, and live viewers of the shooting* have a few days to compose themselves, grieve, and bury their dead before we get on with the usual political nonsense.

* I only mean those that were watching live, or perhaps those that watch the station fairly often. Those watching live saw three people shot and two murdered while watching a fluff piece about local tourism. That isn't the same as being there, but is still a shock. Those who have watched the footage since? That's your own damned fault, and you should have know better. If you want to be voyeuristic fuckwads, watch (legal) sex porn, not murder porn.


  1. Is this guy nuts or just plain evil? As for Pres. Obama , of course his comments were offensive. Honestly I'm numb to his detestable statements.

  2. The killer in question was clearly a bit crazy, but that doesn't excuse his evil. Among other things he was an extreme narcissist (he regretted that he had lost his looks as he got older and was no longer a viable male prostitute), and that's usually a sign of both evil and crazy in my book.

    As with serial killers, I don't really see a meaningful distinction. If one wants to kill someone, eat some of their parts, and continue to have sex with the remains of the corpse, for example, I don't really care about motivations. That kind of person needs to be removed from the general population, preferably by the most permanent means necessary.