Monday, December 21, 2015

Speaking of dumb fuckery....

... Barack Obama has opened his pie hole again. This time he is complaining that The Donald The Great White Hope is exploiting the fears of working class white men. Of course Barack Obama is terrified of working class white men, because he thinks they're all Klansmen running around murdering and raping black bodies, but one can't discount stupid enough in this case.

Interestingly, Obama acknowledges that SOME fear and resentment are perhaps justified, but that they're misplaced. Misplaced how, exactly? Won't say. That would be telling. But white men really ought to be pissed at their leaders, especially pukes like Paul Ryan, who just sold them all down the river for another million Muslim refugees and another ten million Mexicans, so that Barry could get more domestic terrorists* and the Koch Brothers could slash wages some more.

What can I tell you? It's Christmas, and I'm cranky.

* Barry isn't Muslim, and couldn't give a fuck about Islam either way. (All the talk about Barry's Islamic past is useful smokescreen for both sides - if he were really Muslim he would not have such an immodest (by standards of America, much less Islam) wife.) But the more terrorism in country, the more the government can clamp down on domestic political opposition. Interestingly, this is a goal of both parties. Don't believe me? Then why are the leaders of both parties working so hard to import millions of Muslims, Muslims with such repugnant cultural practices as forced marriage, slavery, and female genital mutilation, from places like the Sudan, Somalia, Syria and Libya, when those Muslims and their children are likely going to produce a fair amount of domestic terrorism? Muslims, who are believed to account for about 1% of the US population, have accounted for half of all domestic terrorism since 9/12/2001. And we know from places like France and Belgium that we've had a better class of Muslim immigrant - up until about 20 years ago. Now that we're taking actual plants from ISIS? Sheeeeee-it, negro! You either have to assume that the people that have risen to the top of the American political scene are the most stupid people on the planet, or you have to assume that at this point they know exactly what they're doing on the immigration front (at least), and are simply that evil and corrupt.

Sunday, December 20, 2015

Dumb fuckery raised to an artform.

At last night's Democratic debate Hillary basically said that Trump shouldn't be elected Presdient because The Donald is verbally mean to terrorists. This woman's stupidity, and the stupidity of those who will vote for her, is something that defies all description.

Monday, December 7, 2015

And there's the smudgeness....

Apparently even the President' ardent fluffers over at MSNBC thought the President's speech tonight was pathetic. At least this time he was on time and didn't bloviate as much as usual. But he was just as much a smudge little prick as usual, and couldn't stop smirking during the speech. "My fellow Americans [smirk], last week the JV team of peace loving brown people blew away a bunch of other Americans [still smirking], but that's okay because most of the dead were bitter clingers, so I think white people need to suck it and give me their guns [smirk]."

I'd say he's become a bad parody of himself, but I don't really think that does it justice.

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Speaking of indefensible shamelessness....

Jennifer Granholm has penned an opinion piece for CNN. Granholm is the former Democratic governor of Michigan. She is also a very prominent supporter of Hillary Clinton.

In this op-ed, she has called for Donald Trump to drop out of the race for the Presidency - for the good of the country, of course. Her reason for doing so? It's that The Donald just isn't honest enough for America.

From this we can deduce that either (a) Granholm is dumber than a sack of shit, or (b) is at least as dishonest as Hillary, who can't even tell you the sun will rise in the east tomorrow. (Of course, it could be that Hillary can't tell you the last because she's suffering from senile dementia.)

This kind of stuff simply beggars belief.


So the President of the USA and a bunch of other alleged world leaders got together in Paris to determine how to make the world a poorer place. I refer, of course, to the climate change conference.

While in Paris, the President stated that THIS, talking about climate change, was how to repudiate ISIS, who, naturally, doesn't give a fuck about climaate change because they're having too much fun chopping off people's heads, burning them alive, throwing teh gays off high places and indulging in sex slavery with women and children. Way to go, Barry O! That'll show 'em!

Even worse, the world's leaders all congratulated themselves on the courage they showed for showing up to repudiate the terrorists in this stupid manner. Courage? Paris was probably more heavily guarded during the conference than the Federal gold Depository at Fort Knox, Kentucky. The French government even used the recent "man-made disaster" to tighten up security by putting climate change protesters (those who basically SUPPORT the world leaders  who want to make everyone poorer!) under house arrest.

So, they claimed they were repudiating terrorism and showing courage while not addressing terrorism at all (which  is okay, as the conference WAS about climate change) and while the wimps congratulated themselves on their great courage. Truly, Obama deserves the Congressional Metal of Honor for this - in his own mind.

But that isn't what was shameful to me. I don't expect anything else other than extreme vanity and self-serving rationalizations from the leaders of the world.

No, what's shameful is that pretty much no one in the press called them on it, nor does anyone really seem to care. Obama i eating a $2,000 dollar a plate meal in some palace in Paris while ISIS burns people to death, he calls HIMSELF the courageous one, and our media laps it up.


Friday, November 27, 2015

Thoughts on Assimilation

With the ongoing refugee crisis in Europe, as well as the hordes flowing over US borders, there has been much talk of assimilating minorities from other cultures into the predominant cultures of the new homeland.

Some of the more progressive types think talk of assimilation is a crime in and of itself, as the poor dears shouldn't have to adapt to their new homelands, but that the natives should have to bend over backwards for the new precious snowflakes. But even most progressive idiots don't hold that position for long when the newbies want to start mutilating the women-folk and buring the fags.

But many progressives don't want to much assimilation because they want more exotic choices in everything from food to sexual deviancy. (England's upper class poofters, for example, have long enjoyed the practice of visiting the north coast of Africa because many of the Arab countries sell their boys as prostitutes. This is so well-know I'm not even going to bother finding links. But if they import enough Arabs, they can practice peadophilia in the comforts of Old Blighty itself. I mean with less chance of the little wogs sounding off, of course.)

But a good many progressives, as well as those more conservatively aligned DO believe in cultural assimilation, and they believe it can happen. As examples they point to such things as the waves of immigrants that came to the USA in the latter half of the Nineteenth and early parts of the Twentieth Century.

But here's the thing: It's one thing for Poles and Italians, who were Catholics, to assimilate into an America that already had a sizable Catholic population, than it is for Muslims to assimilate into US culture. Catholics cannot be considered part of the mainstream of the American Protestant culture, but at least they're ultimately Christians, and have many shared religious precepts with Protestants. Similarly with Orthodox Christians coming from places further east. They were European in ethnicity, culture, and outlook, and Christian by tradition. There was a lot of shared cultural beliefs that made assimilating possible. (And it was NOT as smooth a process as the propagandists would have you believe.)

The point is, if you expect a minority population of immigrants to assimilate to the majority culture, you'd better start with a minority population that already shares a bunch of traits with the indigenous people. The America experience has examples of what can happen when not following this rule, as well.

There are two groups among us that simply have not assimilated, despite hundreds of years of contact with the dominant culture: Blacks and Native Americans. Both come from cultures and ethnicities very alien to European cultures, and neither has assimilated well.

Anyone paying attention to our history should realize that the importation of further large minority populations from the Third World is likely to do nothing but cause grief in the long run, but then, noticing these things is crimethink, and we can't have that.

Thursday, November 26, 2015

An Interesting Comment from Elsewhere

I read the following comment on Steve Sailer's site several days back. It is allegedly from a teacher in a predominantly black school. The comment largely reads true to me as someone living in a predominantly black neighborhood. I do have some disagreements with it. I don't think blacks have as monolithic a mind-set/culture as the writer does, at least not among older blacks, not even in poor neighborhoods. But the youngsters do seem to be very single-minded about what constitutes "proper" black behavior. I don't know if this is peculiar to the age-group in question, or if it is this generation particularly. But culturally blacks in America do seem to have gone backwards in the last 40 years. Compare the rich black musical scene of 40, 50 or 60 years ago with the monotonous hip-hop scene of today. Hell, hip-hop & rap had more variety 30 years ago than the entire black music scene has today. Anyhow, I'm reproducing the comment, which is lengthy, in full.

From ToSir:
A Teacher From a Black High School:
The truth is usually a tough thing to accept, so I understand if this is flagged. It would be a cowardly thing to do, but I understand it. Some people just ignore unpleasant truths. However, if you think ignoring the problem, or trying to censor the truth, will help our black children improve, you’re dreaming. This is important, so I’m happy to repost – indefinitely if necessary. I find it interesting that NO ONE has had the intellect to refute anything in the essay. They can only attempt to censor it, as if doing so somehow makes it invalid. Weak minds, weak minds.

Until recently I taught at a predominantly black high school in a southeastern state.

The mainstream press gives a hint of what conditions are like in black schools, but only a hint. Expressions journalists use like “chaotic” or “poor learning environment” or “lack of discipline” do not capture what really happens. There is nothing like the day-to-day experience of teaching black children and that is what I will try to convey.

Most whites simply do not know what black people are like in large numbers, and the first encounter can be a shock.
One of the most immediately striking things about my students was that they were loud. They had little conception of ordinary decorum. It was not unusual for five blacks to be screaming at me at once. Instead of calming down and waiting for a lull in the din to make their point — something that occurs to even the dimmest white students — blacks just tried to yell over each other.

It did no good to try to quiet them, and white women were particularly inept at trying. I sat in on one woman’s class as she begged the children to pipe down. They just yelled louder so their voices would carry over hers.

Many of my black students would repeat themselves over and over again — just louder. It was as if they suffered from Tourette syndrome. They seemed to have no conception of waiting for an appropriate time to say something. They would get ideas in their heads and simply had to shout them out. I might be leading a discussion on government and suddenly be interrupted: “We gotta get more Democrats! Clinton, she good!” The student may seem content with that outburst but two minutes later, he would suddenly start yelling again: “Clinton good!”

Anyone who is around young blacks will probably get a constant diet of rap music. Blacks often make up their own jingles, and it was not uncommon for 15 black boys to swagger into a classroom, bouncing their shoulders and jiving back.

They were yelling back and forth, rapping 15 different sets of words in the same harsh, rasping dialect. The words were almost invariably a childish form of boasting: “Who got dem shine rim, who got dem shine shoe, who got dem shine grill (gold and silver dental caps)?” The amateur rapper usually ends with a claim–in the crudest terms imaginable — that all womankind is sexually devoted to him. For whatever reason, my students would often groan instead of saying a particular word, as in, “She suck dat aaahhhh (think of a long grinding groan), she f**k dat aaaahhhh, she lick dat aaaahhh.”

Black women love to dance — in a way white people might call gyrating. So many black girls dance in the hall, in the classroom, on the chairs, next to the chairs, under the chairs, everywhere. Once I took a call on my cell phone and had to step outside of class. I was away about two minutes but when I got back the black girls had lined up at the front of the classroom and were convulsing to the delight of the boys.

Many black people, especially black women, are enormously fat. Some are so fat I had to arrange special seating to accommodate their bulk. I am not saying there are no fat white students — there are — but it is a matter of numbers and attitudes. Many black girls simply do not care that they are fat. There are plenty of white anorexics, but I have never met or heard of a black anorexic.
“Black women be big Mr. Jackson,” my students would explain.

“Is it okay in the black community to be a little overweight?” I ask. Two obese black girls in front of my desk begin to dance, “You know dem boys lak juicy fruit, Mr. Jackson.” “Juicy” is a colorful black expression for the buttocks.

Blacks, on average, are the most directly critical people I have ever met: “Dat shirt stupid. Yo’ kid a bastard. Yo’ lips big.” Unlike whites, who tread gingerly around the subject of race, they can be brutally to the point. Once I needed to send a student to the office to deliver a message. I asked for volunteers, and suddenly you would think my classroom was a bastion of civic engagement. Thirty dark hands shot into the air. My students loved to leave the classroom and slack off, even if just for a few minutes, away from the eye of white authority. I picked a light-skinned boy to deliver the message. One very black student was indignant: “You pick da half-breed.” And immediately other blacks take up the cry, and half a dozen mouths are screaming, “He half-breed.”

For decades, the country has been lamenting the poor academic performance of blacks and there is much to lament. There is no question, however, that many blacks come to school with a serious handicap that is not their fault. At home they have learned a dialect that is almost a different language. Blacks not only mispronounce words; their grammar is often wrong. When a black wants to ask, “Where is the bathroom?” he may actually say “Whar da badroom be?” Grammatically, this is the equivalent of “Where the bathroom is?” And this is the way they speak in high school. Students write the way they speak, so this is the language that shows up in written assignments.

It is true that some whites face a similar handicap. They speak with what I would call a “country” accent that is hard to reproduce but results in sentences such as “I’m gonna gemme a Coke.” Some of these country whites had to learn correct pronunciation and usage. The difference is that most whites overcome this handicap and learn to speak correctly; many blacks do not.

Most of the blacks I taught simply had no interest in academic subjects. I taught history, and students would often say they didn’t want to do an assignment or they didn’t like history because it was all about white people. Of course, this was “diversity” history, in which every cowboy’s black cook got a special page on how he contributed to winning the West, but black children still found it inadequate. So I would throw up my hands and assign them a project on a real, historical black person. My favorite was Marcus Garvey. They had never heard of him, and I would tell them to research him, but they never did. They didn’t care and they didn’t want to do any work.

Anyone who teaches blacks soon learns that they have a completely different view of government from whites. Once I decided to fill 25 minutes by having students write about one thing the government should do to improve America. I gave this question to three classes totaling about 100 students, approximately 80 of whom were black. My few white students came back with generally “conservative” ideas. “We need to cut off people who don’t work,” was the most common suggestion. Nearly every black gave a variation on the theme of “We need more government services.”
My students had only the vaguest notion of who pays for government services. For them, it was like a magical piggy bank that never goes empty. One black girl was exhorting the class on the need for more social services and I kept trying to explain that people, real live people, are taxed for the money to pay for those services. “Yeah, it come from whites,” she finally said. “They stingy anyway.”
“Many black people make over $50,000 dollars a year and you would also be taking away from your own people,” I said.

She had an answer to that: “Dey half breed.” The class agreed. I let the subject drop.

Many black girls are perfectly happy to be welfare queens. On career day, one girl explained to the class that she was going to have lots of children and get fat checks from the government. No one in the class seemed to have any objection to this career choice.

Surprising attitudes can come out in class discussion. We were talking about the crimes committed in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, and I brought up the rape of a young girl in the bathroom of the Superdome. A majority of my students believed this was a horrible crime but a few took it lightly. One black boy spoke up without raising his hand: “Dat no big deal. They thought they is gonna die so they figured they have some fun. Dey jus’ wanna have a fun time; you know what I’m sayin’?” A few black heads nodded in agreement.

My department head once asked all the teachers to get a response from all students to the following question: “Do you think it is okay to break the law if it will benefit you greatly?” By then, I had been teaching for a while and was not surprised by answers that left a young, liberal, white woman colleague aghast. “Yeah” was the favorite answer. As one student explained, “Get dat green.”

There is a level of conformity among blacks that whites would find hard to believe. They like one kind of music: rap. They will vote for one political party: Democrat. They dance one way, speak one way, are loud the same way, and fail their exams in the same way. Of course, there are exceptions but they are rare.

Whites are different. Some like country music, others heavy metal, some prefer pop, and still others, God forbid, enjoy rap music. They have different associations, groups, almost ideologies. There are jocks, nerds, preppies, and hunters. Blacks are all — well — black, and they are quick to let other blacks know when they deviate from the norm.

One might object that there are important group differences among blacks that a white man simply cannot detect. I have done my best to find them, but so far as I can tell, they dress the same, talk the same, think the same. Certainly, they form rival groups, but the groups are not different in any discernible way. There simply are no groups of blacks that are as distinctly different from each other as white “nerds,” “hunters,” or “Goths,” for example.

How the world looks to blacks: One point on which all blacks agree is that everything is “racis’.” This is one message of liberalism they have absorbed completely. Did you do your homework? “Na, homework racis’.” Why did you get an F on the test? “Test racis’.”

I was trying to teach a unit on British philosophers and the first thing the students noticed about Bentham, Hobbes, and Locke was “Dey all white! Where da black philosopher a’?” I tried to explain there were no blacks in eighteenth century Britain. You can probably guess what they said to that: “Dat racis’!” One student accused me of deliberately failing him on a test because I didn’t like black people.

“Do you think I really hate black people?”
“Have I done anything to make you feel this way? How do you know?”
“You just do.”
“Why do you say that?”

He just smirked, looked out the window, and sucked air through his teeth. Perhaps this was a regional thing, but the blacks often sucked air through their teeth as a wordless expression of disdain or hostility.

My students were sometimes unable to see the world except through the lens of their own blackness. I had a class that was host to a German exchange student. One day he put on a Power Point presentation with famous German landmarks as well as his school and family.

From time to time during the presentation, blacks would scream, “Where da black folk?!” The exasperated German tried several times to explain that there were no black people where he lived in Germany. The students did not believe him. I told them Germany is in Europe, where white people are from, and Africa is where black people are from. They insisted that the German student was racist, and deliberately refused to associate with blacks.

Blacks are keenly interested in their own racial characteristics. I have learned, for example, that some blacks have “good hair.” Good hair is black parlance for black-white hybrid hair. Apparently, it is less kinky, easier to style, and considered more attractive. Blacks are also proud of light skin. Imagine two black students shouting insults across the room. One is dark but slim; the other light and obese. The dark one begins the exchange: “You fat, Ridario!” Ridario smiles, doesn’t deign to look at his detractor, shakes his head like a wobbling top, and says, “You wish you light skinned.”

They could go on like this, repeating the same insults over and over.

My black students had nothing but contempt for Hispanic immigrants. They would vent their feelings so crudely that our department strongly advised us never to talk about immigration in class in case the principal or some outsider might overhear.

Whites were “racis’,” of course, but they thought of us at least as Americans. Not the Mexicans. Blacks have a certain, not necessarily hostile understanding of white people. They know how whites act, and it is clear they believe whites are smart and are good at organizing things. At the same time, they probably suspect whites are just putting on an act when they talk about equality, as if it is all a sham that makes it easier for whites to control blacks. Blacks want a bigger piece of the American pie. I’m convinced that if it were up to them they would give whites a considerably smaller piece than whites get now, but they would give us something. They wouldn’t give Mexicans anything.
What about black boys and white girls? No one is supposed to notice this or talk about it but it is glaringly obvious: Black boys are obsessed with white girls. I’ve witnessed the following drama countless times. A black boy saunters up to a white girl. The cocky black dances around her, not really in a menacing way. It’s more a shuffle than a threat. As he bobs and shuffles he asks, “When you gonna go wit’ me?”

There are two kinds of reply. The more confident white girl gets annoyed, looks away from the black and shouts, “I don’t wanna go out with you!” The more demure girl will look at her feet and mumble a polite excuse but ultimately say no.

There is only one response from the black boy: “You racis’.” Many girls — all too many — actually feel guilty because they do not want to date blacks. Most white girls at my school stayed away from blacks, but a few, particularly the ones who were addicted to drugs, fell in with them.

There is something else that is striking about blacks. They seem to have no sense of romance, of falling in love. What brings men and women together is sex, pure and simple, and there is a crude openness about this. There are many degenerate whites, of course, but some of my white students were capable of real devotion and tenderness, emotions that seemed absent from blacks — especially the boys.

Black schools are violent and the few whites who are too poor to escape are caught in the storm. The violence is astonishing, not so much that it happens, but the atmosphere in which it happens. Blacks can be smiling, seemingly perfectly content with what they are doing, having a good time, and then, suddenly start fighting. It’s uncanny. Not long ago, I was walking through the halls and a group of black boys were walking in front of me. All of a sudden they started fighting with another group in the hallway.

Blacks are extraordinarily quick to take offense. Once I accidentally scuffed a black boy’s white sneaker with my shoe. He immediately rubbed his body up against mine and threatened to attack me. I stepped outside the class and had a security guard escort the student to the office. It was unusual for students to threaten teachers physically this way, but among themselves, they were quick to fight for similar reasons.

The real victims are the unfortunate whites caught in this. They are always in danger and their educations suffer. White weaklings are particularly susceptible, but mostly to petty violence. They may be slapped or get a couple of kicks when they are trying to open a bottom locker. Typically, blacks save the hard, serious violence for each other.

There was a lot of promiscuous sex among my students and this led to violence. Black girls were constantly fighting over black boys. It was not uncommon to see two girls literally ripping each other’s hair out with a police officer in the middle trying to break up the fight. The black boy they were fighting over would be standing by with a smile, enjoying the show he had created. For reasons I cannot explain, boys seldom fought over girls.

Pregnancy was common among the blacks, though many black girls were so fat I could not tell the difference. I don’t know how many girls got abortions, but when they had the baby they usually stayed in school and had their own parents look after the child. The school did not offer daycare.

Aside from the police officers constantly on patrol, a sure sign that you are in a black school is the coke cage: the chain-link fence that many majority-black schools use to protect vending machines. The cage surrounds the machine and even covers its top. Delivery employees have to unlock a gate on the front of the cage to service the machines. Companies would prefer not to build cages around vending machines. They are expensive, ugly, and a bother, but black students smashed the machines so many times it was cheaper to build a cage than repair the damage. Rumor had it that before the cages went up blacks would turn the machines upside down in the hope that the money would fall out.

Security guards are everywhere in black schools — we had one on every hall. They also sat in on unruly classes and escorted students to the office. They were unarmed, but worked closely with the three city police officers who were constantly on duty.

There was a lot of drug-dealing at my school. This was a good way to make a fair amount of money but it also gave boys power over girls who wanted drugs. An addicted girl — black or white — became the plaything of anyone who could get her drugs.

One of my students was a notorious drug dealer. Everyone knew it. He was 19 years old and in eleventh grade. Once he got a score of three out of 100 on a test. He had been locked up four times since he was 13.

One day, I asked him, “Why do you come to school?”

He wouldn’t answer. He just looked out the window, smiled, and sucked air through his teeth. His friend Yidarius ventured an explanation: “He get dat green and get dem females.”

“What is the green?” I asked. “Money or dope?” “Both,” said Yidarius with a smile.

A very fat black interrupted from across the room: “We get dat lunch,” Mr. Jackson. “We gotta get dat lunch and brickfuss.” He means the free breakfast and lunch poor students get every day. “Nigga, we know’d you be lovin’ brickfuss!” shouts another student.

Some readers may believe that I have drawn a cruel caricature of black students. After all, according to official figures some 85 percent of them graduate. It would be instructive to know how many of those scraped by with barely a C- record. They go from grade to grade and they finally get their diplomas because there is so much pressure on teachers to push them through. It saves money to move them along, the school looks good, and the teachers look good.

Many of these children should have been failed, but the system would crack under their weight if they were all held back.

How did my experiences make me feel about blacks? Ultimately, I lost sympathy for them. In so many ways they seem to make their own beds. There they were in an integrationist’s fantasy–in the same classroom with white students, eating the same lunch, using the same bathrooms, listening to the same teachers–and yet the blacks fail while the whites pass.

One tragic outcome among whites who have been teaching for too long is that it can engender something close to hatred. One teacher I knew gave up fast food–not for health reasons but because where he lived most fast-food workers were black. He had enough of blacks on the job. This was an extreme example but years of frustration can take their toll. Many of my white colleagues with any experience were well on their way to that state of mind.

There is an unutterable secret among teachers: Almost all realize that blacks do not respond to traditional white instruction. Does that put the lie to environmentalism? Not at all. It is what brings about endless, pointless innovation that is supposed to bring blacks up to the white level. The solution is more diversity–or put more generally, the solution is change. Change is an almost holy word in education, and you can fail a million times as long as you keep changing. That is why liberals keep revamping the curriculum and the way it is taught. For example, teachers are told that blacks need hands-on instruction and more group work.

Teachers are told that blacks are more vocal and do not learn through reading and lectures. The implication is that they have certain traits that lend themselves to a different kind of teaching.
Whites have learned a certain way for centuries but it just doesn’t work with blacks. Of course, this implies racial differences but if pressed, most liberal teachers would say different racial learning styles come from some indefinable cultural characteristic unique to blacks. Therefore, schools must change, America must change. But into what? How do you turn quantum physics into hands-on instruction or group work? No one knows, but we must keep changing until we find something that works.

Public school has certainly changed since anyone reading this was a student. I have a friend who teaches elementary school, and she tells me that every week the students get a new diversity lesson, shipped in fresh from some bureaucrat’s office in Washington or the state capital. She showed me the materials for one week: a large poster, about the size of a forty-two inch flat-screen television. It shows an utterly diverse group — I mean diverse: handicapped, Muslim, Jewish, effeminate, poor, rich, brown, slightly brown, yellow, etc.–sitting at a table, smiling gaily, accomplishing some undefined task. The poster comes with a sheet of questions the teacher is supposed to ask. One might be: “These kids sure look different, but they look happy. Can you tell me which one in the picture is an American?”

Some eight-year-old, mired in ignorance, will point to a white child like himself. “That one.”
The teacher reads from the answer, conveniently printed along with the question. “No, Billy, all these children are Americans. They are just as American as you.”

The children get a snack, and the poster goes up on the wall until another one comes a week later. This is what happens at predominately white, middle-class, elementary schools everywhere. Elementary school teachers love All of the Colors of the Race, by award-winning children’s poet Arnold Adoff.

These are some of the lines they read to the children: “Mama is chocolate . . . Daddy is vanilla . . . Me (sic) is better . . . It is a new color. It is a new flavor. For love. Sometimes blackness seems too black for me, and whiteness is too sickly pale; and I wish every one were golden. Remember: long ago before people moved and migrated, and mixed and matched . . . there was one people: one color, one race. The colors are flowing from what was before me to what will be after. All the colors.”

Teaching as a career: It may come as a surprise after what I have written, but my experiences have given me a deep appreciation for teaching as a career. It offers a stable, middle-class life but comes with the capacity to make real differences in the lives of children. In our modern, atomized world children often have very little communication with adults — especially, or even, with their parents — so there is potential for a real transaction between pupil and teacher, disciple and master.

A rewarding relationship can grow up between an exceptional, interested student and his teacher. I have stayed in my classroom with a group of students discussing ideas and playing chess until the janitor kicked us out. I was the old gentleman, imparting my history, culture, personal loves and triumphs, defeats and failures to young kinsman. Sometimes I fancied myself Tyrtaeus, the Spartan poet, who counseled the youth to honor and loyalty. I never had this kind intimacy with a black student, and I know of no other white teacher who did.

Teaching can be fun. For a certain kind of person it is exhilarating to map out battles on chalkboards, and teach heroism. It is rewarding to challenge liberal prejudices, to leave my mark on these children, but what I aimed for with my white students I could never achieve with the blacks.

There is a kind of child whose look can melt your heart: some working-class castaway, in and out of foster homes, often abused, who is nevertheless almost an angel. Your heart melts for these children, this refuse of the modern world.

Many white students possess a certain innocence; their cheeks still blush. Try as I might, I could not get the blacks to care one bit about Beethoven or Sherman’s march to the sea, or Tyrtaeus, or Oswald Spengler, or even liberals like John Rawls, or their own history. They cared about nothing I tried to teach them. When this goes on year after year it chokes the soul out of a teacher, destroys his pathos, and sends him guiltily searching for The Bell Curve on the Internet.

Blacks break down the intimacy that can be achieved in the classroom, and leave you convinced that that intimacy is really a form of kinship. Without intending to, they destroy what is most beautiful–whether it be your belief in human equality, your daughter’s innocence, or even the state of the hallway.

Just last year I read on the bathroom stall the words “F**k Whitey.” Not two feet away, on the same stall, was a small swastika.

The National Council for the Social Studies, the leading authority on social science education in the United States, urges teachers to inculcate such values as equality of opportunity, individual property rights, and a democratic form of government. Even if teachers could inculcate this milquetoast ideology into whites, liberalism is doomed because so many non-whites are not receptive to education of any kind beyond the merest basics.

It is impossible to get them to care about such abstractions as property rights or democratic citizenship. They do not see much further than the fact that you live in a big house and “we in da pro-jek.” Of course, there are a few loutish whites who will never think past their next meal and a few sensitive blacks for whom anything is possible, but no society takes on the characteristics of its exceptions.

Once I asked my students, “What do you think of the Constitution?” “It white,” one slouching black rang out. The class began to laugh. And I caught myself laughing along with them, laughing while Pompeii’s volcano simmers, while the barbarians swell around the Palatine, while the country I love, and the job I love, and the community I love become dimmer by the day.

I read a book by an expatriate Rhodesian who visited Zimbabwe not too many years ago. Traveling with a companion, she stopped at a store along the highway. A black man materialized next to her car window. “Job, boss, (I) work good, boss,” he pleaded. “You give job.”

“What happened to your old job?” the expatriate white asked. The black man replied in the straightforward manner of his race: “We drove out the whites. No more jobs. You give job.”
At some level, my students understand the same thing. One day I asked the bored, black faces staring back at me. “What would happen if all the white people in America disappeared tomorrow?”

“We screwed,” a young, pitch-black boy screamed back. The rest of the blacks laughed.

I have had children tell me to my face as they struggled with an assignment. “I cain’t do dis,” Mr. Jackson. “I black.”

The point is that human beings are not always rational. It is in the black man’s interest to have whites in Zimbabwe but he drives them out and starves. Most whites do not think black Americans could ever do anything so irrational. They see blacks on television smiling, fighting evil whites, embodying white values. But the real black is not on television, and you pull your purse closer when you see him, and you lock the car doors when he swaggers by with his pants hanging down almost to his knees.

For those of you with children, better a smaller house in a white district than a fancy one near a black school.

I have been in parent-teacher conferences that broke my heart: the child pleading with his parents to take him out of school; the parents convinced their child’s fears are groundless. If you love your child, show her you care — not by giving her fancy vacations or a car, but making her innocent years safe and happy. Give her the gift of a not-heavily black school.

Chance of riots: Moderate!

So the latest over-a-year-old-controversy-but-now-we've-got-video-and-let's-face-it-some-people-are-too-stupid-to-do-anything-without-pictures-to-make-it-clear-to-them protest moment has been spurred on by the indictment of a cop in Chicago for first degree murder. I've referenced it a couple of stories down.

Now that video has been released of the shooting, the looters, er, excuse me, I mean protesters-for-justice are out and about again.

There were sporadic protests in Chicago yesterday. One featured this classic moment captured by an AP photographer:
Caption from News13: Lamon Reccord (right) stares and yells at a Chicago police officer 'Shoot me 16 times' as he and others march through Chicago's Loop Wednesday, Nov. 25, 2015, one day after murder charges were brought against police officer Jason Van Dyke in the killing of 17-year-old Laquan McDonald. (AP Photo/Charles Rex Arbogast) 
Ah, reasoned, considered debate, the hallmark of Anglo-Saxon culture! Note that these are protests well after the fact, and AFTER the cop has been indicted (properly, in my opinion) for first degree murder.

But here's the more interesting bit: the protesters in Chicago are calling for a "shut down" of the famous Michigan Avenue shopping district on Black Friday. Has there ever been a clearer call for a flash mob to come loot and pillage? Hell, Attila the Hun would admire the chutzpah. 

And in NYC, a mob invaded Macy's last night (the night before Thanksgiving) in support of protesters in Minneapolis. Breitbart adds this following bit of helpfulness: 
Black liberation activists, revolutionary communists, and the Nation of Islam plan to target stores for demonstration nationwide on Black Friday.
Oh yeah, between ISIS, the Nation of Islam, black anarchists, black communists, and the white supporters of each, plus the propensity of blacks to riot for free shit anyway, tomorrow is likely to be about as much fun as the days after MLKjr was shot. I'll be staying home.

Ya fuckin' think?!!?

AP: Security steps in Paris, Brussels, may be spreading anxiety

More of the same old, same old....

So there's a case out of Chicago in which a cop has been indicted on first degree murder charges for shooting a 17 year-old black man to death. From what I know of the case, it sounds like a proper charge to be leveled against the cop, and frankly I'm surprised that this particular cop hadn't been drummed off the force previous to the incident in question. Police in bad areas need ass-kickers on the force (and if you don't believe this you either don't live in a bad area OR YOU ARE PART OF THE PROBLEM), but this guy sounds like he's a little too unhinged, especially for this day and age.

That sad, this is also another case of Blacks Behaving Badly. The victim not only had a record, but had been engaged in several criminal acts that evening while bombed out of this universe on PCP. So it's hardly a case of some sweet innocent dying either. (Naturally the family says he was turning things around. Around and around and around, whilst on elephant tranquilizers, methinks.)

Which makes me wonder if The Talk ought to include something like, "Don't go on a crime spree while bombed out of this universe on PCP and then ignore repeated lawful orders from the police to stop acting like an insane criminal"?

Just a thought.

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

That which should be the top national story in the USA: Hillary often confused

Slowly, slowly, the information from Hillary's email server trickles out. Not all of the email was HRC's, some belonged to her top aides, such as Huma Abedin. Judicial Watch has found some goodies in Huma's email, such as the statement that Hillary is "often confused." She's all there some of the time, and some of the time she isn't. Typical of someone going senile with age.

One would think that the leading contender for the Democratic Presidential nomination showing signs of senility would be something in which the "news" media would take interest. But nothing, if not for Judicial Watch, Drudge, and some other alt-media types.

Hillary's senility has become increasing evident if (a) you've had any experience with someone who has gone senile and (b) you're paying attention. This is why she gives very few interviews, and usually only takes them from trusted paid hacks - actual give-and-take conversations will eventually reveal that she is an old woman with diminishing faculties. It's also why her responses are always so canned - they've been drilled into her as a defense against public statements of a revealing nature.

Really, it is shameful to see the old harridin be used once again by those around her. But Bill needs at least the threat of another Clinton Presidency to keep the money flowing into the Clinton Foundation coffers, and Hillary's aides all have their own checkbooks to worry about. Not to mention all the graft that is available to those controlling a President.

But then the old hag is used to being used: in fact it seems to be her main purpose in life.

NOTE: I have no problem calling Hillary names, as she has abused people both publicly and privately for decades, most notably Bill's numerous other women.

Diversity Clown Theatre

In Missouri, the place where the latest round of Blacks Behaving Badly turned into a political movement, we have another story of racial injustice. Two white middle schoolers stabbed a 43 year-old black woman to death while she was at a commercial car wash, and then went joyriding in her car with her body propped up in the front seat.

Incredible, isn't it?

Also, completely unbelievable. Instead, it was a couple of typical Sons of Obama types stabbing a white woman to death and then doing all the rest of it. That IS completely believable. No word on if the Obama Justice Department will investigate this as a hate crime.

Meanwhile, the incident behind one of the other Black Lives Matter protests in California was revealed to be a fraud. The racist comments that sparked the incident at Berkeley High School (where else?) were in fact posted by a "student of color."

I assume the current brouhahas are about 95% hoax, minimum, and that the people doing the complaining are mostly looking for an excuse to commit acts of violence.

"UN warns Europe against 'backtracking' on migrant commitments"

So says the headline. From the story:
A spokesman for the UN rights agency, Rupert Colville, described calls for a crackdown on migrants as "very, very stupid."

"It's really pretty disgusting how extreme anti-immigrant politicians and media commentators have jumped on this attack to push their existing agendas. That is really pretty obscene actually, given what happened in Paris," Colville told reporters. 
You mean it's disgusting that the right-wing parties predeicted tat this would happen, despite the assurances of people at thee UN and elsewhere, and that now that it HAS happened it's disgusting that they're calling you guys out as incompetents, frauds or worse? Yeah, I thought that's what you meant.

The UN, by the way, is still claiming that no Syrian refugee has been involved in any violent acts in Europe. At some point you have to acknowledge that the UN is on the side of the terrorists. I suggest a vigorous bombing of NYC, preferably with nukes. Just to be sure.

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Micro-aggression Theatre

A few weeks ago someone declared that the phrase "hard worker" was a racist micro-aggression. Does that mean that calling someone a lazy field hand is okay?

This is not a wake up call

To those claiming this is a "wake up call" for Europe, the US, or whomever:

No, it isn't. It isn't even new. It isn't even new to Europe. They've attacked the subways of London (7/7/2005, 57 dead, 700 wounded) and the train stations of Spain (3/11/2004, 191 dead, 1800 wounded). In 2002 Moscow experienced a massacre in a theater that killed 133 and injured over 700. On 9/1/2004, an attack on a school killed hundreds in Beslan, Russia - 186 dead children, 148 other hostages killed, 10 others dead, 10 special forces. Locals state that over 200 remain missing.

I don't think I need to mention what has happened on US soil.

So, not new, not new to Europe. New to Paris, at this scale, but the Charlie Hebdo massacre from earlier this year (which also included an attack on a Jewish grocer) presaged this attack.

And what are you expecting people to wake up for? That Muslim fanatics love bathing in the blood of infidels? That letting in millions of Muslims into a non-Muslim country is a bad idea? That maybe Assad's Ba'athist government in Syria isn't so awful afterall?

Not going to happen. Obama can't even admit that it is Muslims doing the killing, and despite everything the leaders of Europe also won't admit that Islam is a problem. (And Bush was no better than Obama, for those wondering.) The people running the show there and here WANT more refugees from the Third World, because the want the internal strife and distrust that brings, since such strife makes those in the know richer and more powerful. If some of those refugees are blood-thirsty killers, that will be EVEN BETTER from their standpoint.

And even if those things weren't true, our leaders will not admit that Assad's government might be the best possible solution in Syria. For one thing, it would mean admitting that they were wrong, and that doesn't happen. People don't realize it, but the US has allied itself with al Qaeda in Syria in order to oust Assad. Al pig-fucking Qaeda! We call them al Nusra, and say we aren't allied with them, but we've been protesting that the Russians are bombing the "good rebels" in Syria, when the Russians have primarily focusedd on our buddies al Nusra.

We're in bed with the people behind the 9/11 attacks. That is how fucked up our government is right now.

So, this ain't no wake-up call, and even if it was, what is anyone going to do - hit the snooze button?

Friday, November 13, 2015

Republican voters may get who they vote for; Republican Party officials panic!

A great many Republican voters have finally figured out that to the party establishment they, the voters, are simply useful idiots. And they're not going to take it any more. So they'll vote for the guy with the funny hair or the guy who cuts children up for a living just because at least those guys haven't repeatedly lied TO THEM.

The party establishment COULD try taking the concerns of their voters seriously, but that ain't happening. The Big Money behind the Republican Party hates the people of America, and they insist their paid lackeys do as well.

The good news for Republican chances is that the Dems are likely to nominate Hillary Clinton, who's appeal as a "strong woman" is somewhat diminished by the fact that the only reason she is widely known is that her husband has spent decades publicly humiliating her. Seriously, toil,et paper gets treated with much more respect than Bill has treated Hillary - you only wipe your ass with a piece of TP once, Bill has wiped his ass (and the asses of all his whores, sluts, bimbos and rape victims) with Hillary for forty years now.

Seriously, imagine how Trump is going to do with Hillary - she'll talk about her appeal as a strong woman & leader, and Trump with respond by mentioning that the only bullets she's dodged are imaginary, while she's let Bill piss on her publicly her entire adult life.

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Prediction Time: University of Missouri Edition

The Cat is back.

  1. At least two of the incidents that prompted the trouble of the University of Missouri will be shown to be hoaxes. I actually think all of them are hoaxes, as reported, but given the nature of the incidents it will be hard to prove that they occurred as reported, much less prove they didn't. For example, does anyone really believe that a bunch of black men were approached at night by a lone white man who called them a "nigger" and that the black men cowered in fear, as opposed to the black men beating the white man within an inch of his life? And a Nazi sympathizer will not draw a Swastika in shit, no more than a devout Christian would draw a Crucifix or Jesus Fish in shit. The Crucifix and Jesus Fish are holy symbols to Christians, and they wouldn't disrespect them like that.  Similarly for Swastikas and Nazi sympathizers.
  2. If any of the incidents are proven to be hoaxes, the hoaxers will not be punished, but will instead be lauded. They'll get a second trip to the White House to visit Barack Obama (I have no doubt the Barry's people are already working on the first visit), their own special with Oprah, etc, etc.
  3. Within 14 months another college football team attempt to fire their university leadership. If successful, it will happen again within another 12 months, and at that point the school leadership will instead fire several people within the athletic department, remove scholarships from the offending players, and possible suspend the entire football team. 
  4. I expect that schools will quietly start looking into purchasing insurance policies to cover fees and penalties for cancelled football games in coming weeks. No idea how that will go.
  5. No major university president will have the guts of Robert Maynard Hutchins to eliminate football. Of course, Hutchins didn't have to deal with revenue streams as large as modern revenue streams, so maybe he wouldn't either.
Some other observations. Those whites congratulating this action don't seem to be getting it. Two men (at least) have lost their jobs, not because they did anything wrong, or encouraged wrong-doing, or were incompetent, but were instead fired solely because they were white, straight, and had become the targets of a faggoty black attention whore. (Who knows why, or cares why? Ah, who am I kidding, I have some speculation below.)

And to hear certain whites talk, they also don't understand that the people protesting (not so peacefully - let's dispel that notion, as they've run in front of moving vehicles attempting to cause crashes, clashed with police when faced with lawful and sensible orders, have threatened reporters, have called for and achieved harm to other individuals, etc) don't care if the University President and others are racist or not, by the old notions of what constitutes racism. They're white, and as such, they're automatically racist, and deserve every bad thing that happens to them. If the whites supporting the protesters think that their sympathies with this kind of disgusting behavior will make them immune to such treatment themselves, then they're even more stupid than they are weak-minded.

It comes down to this: When you reward bad behavior, you will get more of it. We rewarded Michael Brown (posthumously, 'tis true) for acting like a thug, so blacks in Ferguson burned down their town. We rewarded blacks in Ferguson for burning down their town, so blacks in Baltimore burned down their city. Now that those blacks in Baltimore have been rearded for burning down their city, they've gone on a historic murder spree.

Having seen all those rewards, you now have a effete faggoty black attention whore wanting HIS share of the attention.

And why wouldn't he? Look at how horribly he has been treated at Mizzou! He's been voted student body president at a school that's only 8% black. I hear he was voted Home Coming King. What awful mistreatment! (Imagine the old white folks who came to Home Coming and found out that now their alma mater is being run by a little black grievance queen. Let's see how Mizzou does with endowment bequests in coming years. They may find that caving in was actually a financial mistake.)

But the little queen is too effete to riot or murder anyone, so instead he'll have an attack of the vapors. Given that he has a megaphone and some political talent, he got a LOT of attention for his particular attack of the vapors. It's funny that the most fag-bashing group of brothers on campus decided to back him up, but perhaps the Mizzou football team doesn't want anyone to notice that they're a bunch of rapists. Expect more in the future: more college attending faggoty black attention whores to cause a ruckus, more black football players to back them up with the tacit acknowledgement that they'll get to rape some white bitches. (It's not like a black faggot is going to give a shit about some white woman.)

I've never really bought the hype about the so-called Greatest Generation. They were hit with problems, and they endured them. What else were they going to do? They were led by older generations through the Depression and WWII, so they didn't do everything themselves, and didn't have to make the critical decisions. Regardless of the hype, and my aversion to it, they DID accomplish great things, and deserve their share of the credit for their achievements. But now as they fade from the scene, they're being replaced by an early and strong candidate for the Worst Generation. The Millennials, Generation Wuss, are proving to be completely worthless.

BONUS MATERIAL: The war on Free Speech at Yale continues. How DARE you wear any costume that hasn't been pre-approved by the commissars? And speaking of famous hoaxes, UVA frat to sue Rolling Stone Magazine for $25,000,000. Here's hoping they get much more than that. After all, we've just seen at Mizzou that being called a racist is a career wrecker. Oh, wait, they've been called rapists, not racists. I guess that's a ticket to getting football scholarships, so maybe they won't win.

Monday, October 5, 2015

Apologies for the lack of posting ...

... but I've had various other things going on, like the need to take naps and occasionally lick myself. It's a hard life being a cat. Also, I would really like my next post to be on Enoch Powell and his famous "Rivers of Blood" speech, but that will require time to research and write.

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Bonus rants

A few more rants, just for shits and grins.
  • Seeing a lot of citing of gun violence stats. Invariably, these stats include suicides. This is at least somewhat dishonest, especially coming from the people who want to encourage suicide and make it a side business for the medical industry. They're lying coming and going on this front.
  • A very stilted discussion from the assholes on the left in order to ignore the religious dimension to this. From President Asshole on down, the left has been very critical of Christians in this country at every turn. Now, that negativity is paying off with violence against Christians, and they're silent on THAT dimension. Every time some goddamned towel head has someone call them a goddamn towel head, the President takes to the TV to wag his finger at everyone (his core competency) and tell them to shut the fuck up and respect the Mohammedans, what with their female genital mutilation, their pedophilia, their suicide bombings, and whatnot. Because if we don't something bad might happen. Guess what, asshole, you've been mocking Christians publicly (except for Black Liberation "theologians", of course) your entire career, and now they're getting shot. Own it, you fucking shit, and all the rest of you on the left. FULL DISCLOSURE: I'm an atheist myself, but I find the endless sneering contempt for Christians of all stripes rather offensive - especially given that the same people bend over backwards for those savage camel fuckers from the Middle East.
  •  I am darkly amused that the killer is at least partly black, and an immigrant, and may possibly be another Mohammedan*. Paging Donald Trump, paging Donald Trump!
* I call them Mohammedans precisely to show my contempt for them. They claim they worship Allah, but man, you can really piss them off by saying that maybe Mohammad had flees in his beard - or even by just drawing a picture of him. That's just one of many, many reasons to hold them in contempt, but by itself it is enough.

A brief rant about gun control

With the latest mass shooting at a community college the other day we once again got a chance to see President Asshole use the opportunity to climb over the bodies of the dead to state that he should be given even more power and authority to do whatever the fuck he wants*. This isn't a surprise, as that's who he is.

It's also not a surprise to see that a legion of Democrats, progressives and leftists have echoed the call.

But here's where I rant. Suppose, for the sake of argument, that they get what they want, and the Second Amendment gets replaced with an amendment banning the private ownership of firearms. How do they propose to disarm the country and confiscate all the weapons? I live in a rather violent neighborhood, with lots of gangbangers and wannabes. Guys who pride themselves on shooting anyone in the vicinity when they feel like they've been dissed, whether or not the people getting shot had anything to do with it. Do you really think they're going to just hand over their weapons peacefully? There's no chance in Hell of that happening. The only way to disarm my little town would be to surround it with the Army & National Guard, and then march in like an invading army. Every place would have to be searched, and a lot of people would have to be killed. In fact, they'd have to kill a lot of innocents, too, because that's how a battle in an urban/suburban setting works.**

Mind you, the people that want this done are up in arms (figuratively, of course) every time a policeman stops someone who is actually committing a crime. (See, for example, Michael Brown in Ferguson.) How the fuck do they think they're actually going to disarm people if they don't want the police to even stop people in the commission of crimes?

No, this is not about gun violence, or mass shootings. This is about trying to win points for the next election. People like Amanda Marcotte don't give a shit about people getting shot (so long as it isn't them), they only care about winning political battles for their side. You know that neither she nor the President give a shit about all the folks getting shot in places like Chicago and Baltimore this year. They just don't care about anyone not in their social circles, and their social circles are rather select. The rest of us are only here as a backdrop to their fabulousness. We've got no more meaning to them than pit bulls had to Michael Vick, and we can expect no more sympathy.

* Note, however, that when the President HAS had authority, he hasn't bothered to do jack shit. Example: He disappeared for days after a US Ambassador got ass raped to death by a bunch of camel fucking Mohammedans. He didn't bother doing anything to insure security for US personnel in Libya before that, he ducked taking any responsibility after it, and still hasn't really explained what happened, nor has he done anything about the matter. but hey, he;'s got more import things to do, like make certain that Ferguson, Missouri and Baltimore, Maryland burn so that he can try and drum up a few more votes for his party in 2016.

** Not to mention some much more law abiding communities that happen to be full of gun nuts. Those guys are paranoid the government is going to come and get them anyway. How do you think a move to disarm them would work?

Thursday, September 17, 2015


If Trump is elected, should he be address as The President Donald, or President The Donald? I'm pretty sure it's the latter, but one can never be sure.

The Donald: Wall Street's Worst Nightmare

From CNN comes an article entitled "Donald Trump Terrifies Wall Street". The gist of it is that The Donald isn't willing to lick the shit out of Wall Street's asshole and call it ambrosia. Wall Street would even prefer Elizabeth Warren! Apparently Bernie Sanders (Socialist) is the only other candidate that gives them pause, and I suspect they fear The Donald more - Bernie just doesn't look like he'd have any chance of really doing anything (assuming he wants to) and The Donald could well kick the whole system in the ass.

Anyway, I consider that an endorsement/reason-to-vote-for The Donald. Still planning on not voting next year, but DAMN, home boy is pushing for my vote!

Monday, September 14, 2015

Is this Pope stupid or evil?

The Pope pontificates on the current refugee crisis, and manages to sound even more stupid than usual.
In an interview with Portugal-based Radio Renascença aired yesterday, Pope Francis declared that the current refugee crisis in Europe is being caused by a “bad, unjust” socio-economic system that worships “the god of money.”
In the interview, where questions were posed in Portuguese and the responses were given by Pope Francis in Spanish, the pontiff said coveting money will bring about both human and ecological ruin:
This is the tip of the iceberg. We see these refugees, these poor people who are escaping from war, escaping from hunger, but that’s the tip of the iceberg. But underlying that is the cause, and the cause is a socio-economic system that is bad, unjust, because within an economic system, within everything, within the world, speaking of the ecological problem, within the socio-economic society, in politics, the person always has to be the center. And today’s dominant economic system has removed the person from the center, and at the center is the god of money. It’s the fashionable god today. I mean, there are statistics. I don’t remember very well, but — this is not exact and I could be making a mistake— 17% of the population has 80% of the wealth.”
Alternately, the Western nations, and those who have followed Western models of governance, economics, science, and, yes, social justice for their own, have made something of themselves while places like Syria have made nothing. The West isn't helping these places with its horrible foreign policy mistakes, but the basic problem in Syria is that the best ruler they've had since gaining their independence from the Ottomans was Daddy Assad, who once killed somewhere between 10,000 to 20,000 of his own people to punish the city of Hama for revolting against his rule. And yes, he was justified to do so, as the rebels weren't the dentists and shop keepers Obama likes to make fun of, but were instead the Muslim Brotherhood.

How bad is the Muslim Brotherhood? They think Egyptian society is too liberal. You know, the Egyptian society which mutilates over 90% of little girls by cutting up their genitalia. (As a father with a daughter, I find Egyptian men particularly sickening for this practice. How can they do this to their little girls?)

The West hasn't had anything to do with any of that. And that's the best the Arabs can do.

So no, Pope Francis, the problem isn't that the West is greedy. The problem is that the rest of the world needs people like Daddy Assad rto keep it from going completely to Hell.
From one of the UK rags:
Robots are going to steal the jobs of chefs, salespeople and models, researchers say as they unveil full list of likely robot professions 

Scientists have created a huge, in-depth analysis of what jobs are under threat from robots — with salesmen, chefs and even models all in the firing line.

Researchers have assembled a full list of all the things that robots are good and bad at, and so what jobs they are likely to take. In all, about 35 per cent of jobs are likely to have been taken on by robots in the next 20 years, researchers have said.
So naturally, our rulers want to import even more people to be unemployed in the future. One can only assume that our leaders are completely stupid, which seems somewhat unlikely given that they've got most of the power and money, or that they have something nefarious in mind.


A note on the SEC (I mean the college athletic conference, not the useless government agency)

Letter to an editor:
The SEC is not overrated. They're UNDERRATED. They're the best damned FCS conference out there.

Disappointed Gator Fan

I heard someone call this weekend "Sleepwalk Saturday in the SEC", and couldn't have agreed more.The SEC's dominant run had to end, of course, and these things usually end in a manner that leaves the fans shocked. This one certainly has. It was fun while it lasted, boys!

El Gato: Visionary Extraordinaire!

I have predicted car accidents with stunning accuracy. I called the Donald Trump Presidential campaign that is happening this year in 2011!* I've called divorces before the marriage vows had been finalized. I even understood that Burger King's controversial french fries were here to stay. I am a true visionary with the sight.

And months ago, I called the Infamous Jimus draft pick by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers a bust. Today that last vision started to become clear. There will be ups, of course, but the downs will outweigh them. As with most Number 1 picks, he will be given more chances than he should probably get. But make no mistake, he will end up looking more like Jimbo Fisher's other first round QB busts** than he will Andrew Luck, Peyton Manning, or John Elway.

* Under another name, but it was done, and in print, and publicly.

** E. J. Manuel, Christian Ponder, and wonder of wonders, Jamarcus Russell.

CNN: "Can Democrats sway young evangelicals?"

From the article:
"With younger millennials, we're seeing more commitment to the environment, climate change, LGBT equality, poverty and a range of social justice issues," said Sally Steenland, director of the Faith and Progressive Policy Initiative at the Center for American Progress, a progressive think tank allied with Democrats. "One thing is that when you take the Bible seriously, you take justice issues seriously. Because they reflect your belief in your faith."
The fuck? "Why, yes, we think Evangelical Christians are complete and utter scum who should be put in concentration camps and 're-educated' until they're deader than the fucking Kulaks (death to the Christianist Imperialists!), but we think we can win their vote!"

Okay, that's possibly not fair. The Democrats would probably be just as happy forcing Christians to have the faces pealed off the faces of all their fetuses, and extinguish them that way. Hey, there's profit to be had in them thar body parts!

Oh, did I mention abortion as a justice issue that Evangelicals just might care about? That's more than CNN did. Informing the public indeed.

Friday, September 4, 2015

Anerica: Land of Pervert Rulers

I like how the make-up of the whole country now needs to be determined by the sexual fetishes of a few people. Your favorite athlete decides he wants to be a lady-boy? Government funded lady-boy sex change operations for everyone! You're a white girl who love-love-LOVES the dark meat? Everyone get your hair permed and put on LOTS of artificial tanner. The establishment candidate for president loves the eating of the Mexican pussy*? Let's import a hundred million Mexicans!

Drugs and bitches and junkies and fags
Artificial phonies, I hate it, hate it

Death, death, death is the price I pay
It's a sick world, what can I say?
No such thing as an even break
They steal, they cheat, they take, take, take

Drugs and bitches and commies and queers
Artificial phonies, I hate it, hate it**

* How do I know that? Well, we are what we eat....

** Don't know the lines? Look 'em up!

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Springtime for Hitler Merkel & Germany

The long held dream of German imperialists has finally come to pass: Germany now effectively leads Europe, even if it doesn't quite rule Europe. But it turns out that leading Europe isn't so much fun these days. From the New York Times:
In this summer’s migrant crisis — as with the unfinished debt crisis in Greece and the confrontation with Russia over Ukraine — Germany once again finds itself at the center of a European drama, compelled or condemned to lead by its wealth and size and by the lack of leadership from Brussels and other states in the European Union.
It should be noted that at least in the case of the Greek issue that it is largely a crisis of German manufacture.

But Germany is feeling the strain, because it turns out that (a) everyone else in Europe doesn't have the same characteristics as Germans, and (b) no one else in Europe cares for having their internal policies dictated by Germany. The immigration crisis is the best example of this. Germany is trying to tell countries like Hungary what they need to do about the immigrants coming to their lands. The Germans and the French have declared that they will take everyone. (How they're going to fit all of the Middle East and Africa into those two countries I have no idea.) This has the immigrants rushing through other countries, such as Hungary, Greece and Macedonia, to get there. These other nations DO NOT LIKE THIS. They don't want their own systems of social welfare and governance overwhelmed by a bunch of crazy-assed Muslims who couldn't get along with other crazy-assed Muslims, nor by a bunch of Africans seeking to live somewhere without other Africans.

I'm not sure what kind of point I can make here, other than that things are likely to get much worse before they get better. Germany is expecting to take in 800,000 asylum seekers this year. That's four times more than last year. If it just doubles next year that would be 1,600,000, meaning an increase of Germany's population by 2.6 million people in three years time. Germany had 80 million inhabitants in 2013, so that's a 3.25% increase in population ABSENT any other immigration, net of births & deaths.

That's huge, and it's just the start. The latest forecasts from the UN population growth charts suggests that Africa will go from having one billion people today to having 4 billion in 2100. Meanwhile, Europe's population is projected to fall  from the approximate 750 million people it has now.

But back to  the NOW. Germany is going to increase it's population by at least 3% over three years, and none of those people have family, connections, property, a place to stay, or food with them. They don't have jobs. Many will lack in any kind of skills useful to a modern society. Most won't speak German.

How in the name of God or reason can anyone think this is going to be anything but a disaster of monumental proportions?

Immigration Dump

A plethora of stories on both the US immigration situation and the European 'migrant' crisis. (Calling them migrants is bullshit, as migrants keep moving, and usually go home. These folks are coming to stay.)

First, Houston has become the spot for refugee relocation in the US, and can now boast that one in four of its residents are foreign born. (That's over six million folks in the metro area.)
E Pluribus Houston
This is of course a thing to celebrate, according to the lords and masters of the times.

Second comes this report on what immigrants bring to the table. 
Report: More than half of immigrants on welfare
Yeah, that'll help. 

But then, there are immigrants and there are immigrants. Jorge Ramos isn't on welfare, and he doesn't want his special little snowflakes at all subject to those whose are: His children attend a $30,000+ per year private school. As the writer of the linked article puts it:
So the next time you hear Mr. Ramos passionately arguing that the US/Mexican border does not need a wall, remember this — he does so knowing that his kids are walled off in ways that most American children are not.
Another one of the elites wanting everyone else to put up with the mess they're creating while continuing to plunder the country. Ramos is a particularly obnoxious and dangerous guy, by the way, who works for an Israeli who wants America to open its borders to the Third World while Israel builds itself a big damned fence. But that can wait for some other time. Or you can go to Steve Sailer's site and do a search on Jorge Ramos and see what he's written. That's probably a better us of time on this topic anyway.

Of course, we are getting more articles with the "food rotting on the ground" and "Americans won't do this work" tropes, this time from Max Boot at Commentary:
Farmers are already feeling the effect of a drop in immigration brought about by improvements in the Mexican economy, which means fewer people are willing to take back-breaking jobs as farmhands. As The Wall Street Journal reports, “the decline in workers is reducing fruit and vegetable production by 9.5 percent, or $3.1 billion, a year, according to a recently published analysis of government data by the Partnership for a New American Economy, a nonpartisan group that supports a looser immigration policy.” The Journal notes that “farm companies are wooing employees by raising wages faster than inflation and enhancing medical and other benefits. Even so, many farms say these efforts have failed to meaningfully address their worker shortfalls.”
I addressed this topic earlier, but it is interesting that we keep coming back to the argument that we need to import an underclass to do the "back-breaking jobs as farmhands" rather than pay for either capital upgrades to the farms or pay wages that an American might find suitable. Keep track of those people who WANT an permanent underclass (they can't help but be a permanent underclass) that can't effectively "fight" for better conditions for themselves. (And I'm not even going to get into the topic of debt servitude that a fair number of these migrants find themselves in.) The whole point of flooding the country with Third World peasants is to force Americans into that same status - after all, "that's what you'll need to do to be competitive in the modern American information economy." The people advocating this transformation of America back into a plantation nation aren't pushing anything heavier than keys on their MacBooks, and you can be goddamned sure they never want to sweat for a living.

Meanwhile, Iowans continues to debate the impact of immigration on their state, which has hardly felt the impact at all from the vantage of a Floridian. They seem pretty sanguine to it, but then none of them live in a neighborhood that's 40% Haitian, for example. You can read that on your own, or not.

Finally, we come back to Europe. The Nordic countries, Sweden especially, have been very welcoming to refugees and immigrants. It isn't working out to well. The immigrants aren't integrating into society (for a variety of reasons, to be sure), and this is causing problems. (Sweden has a serious problem with rape, thanks to its newly imported Muslim underclass.) 

Societies with lots different ethnic groups tend towards becoming low trust societies. It isn't just that people do not trust "the other", but that they stop trusting people from within their own ethnic group as much, too. Evidence for this can be seen in the rise of anti-immigration parties and the reaction to those parties all over Europe. These parties are always branded Nazis, and the people in the new parties always feel that the leaders of their country are selling them out to foreigners and business interests. I have much more sympathy for the nativists on these issues, it's true, but the main point is that it is a sign of the cohesive and mostly mono-ethnic societies in places like Sweden losing the high trust that made their social welfare states possible. 

I'll just point out, again, that Europe is just starting to feel the first trickle of an impending tsunami of immigrants. Europe needs to get its act together soon, or it'll look more like Harlem in NYC than Haarlem in the Netherlands. The worst possible outcome may be if they wait until they realize that Europeans are, in fact, the fiercest, nastiest, bloodiest people on Earth, and take very direct action against the growing tide of non-Europeans in Europe.

Looks like the kittens will live in interesting times.

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

A couple of observations about the Planned Parenthood videos

First, the callousness of some of the PP workers shouldn't come as a surprise. People that do horrible things for a living tend to become inured to their work - it losses its horrors over time. (Talk to anyone that works in an ER if you don't believe me.)

Also, working as an abortionist is a natural profession for a sociopath or sadist. Surgeon is one of the top five professions for sociopaths, at least according to some sources. And abortion is essentially a type of surgery. Look to that Philadelphia abortionist from a couple of years back for a trenchant example of what I'm talking about.

Second, I have a question. For people that are pro-abortion rights, why do you think selling an aborted fetus is a bad thing? After all, having decided to terminate the pregnancy, what difference does it make if the fetus is sold for a profit? There's much offense being taken at accusations that PP has done exactly this, but why? You already think the fetus doesn't have any rights as a human being, so what difference does it make if one sells them for whatever reason afterwards?

I can understand why some women having abortions might not want to do that (cases of abortion to protect the health of the mother & cases of extreme congenital defects spring to mind immediately), but why is it considered a bad thing otherwise? The positions seem completely at odds to me.

Another reason to vote for Trump.

I won't vote for Trump for a variety of reasons, but I'll admit that I have a growing, if grudging, respect for the man. Turns out Trump's pissing off the big agricultural interests, too.
Trump's brash talk about stopping undocumented immigration has excited GOP primary voters, turbocharged his campaign and spurred similar get-tough pledges from several rivals, including Sen. Ted Cruz and Gov. Scott Walker. But the view from many conservative-leaning agricultural communities is disgust, bordering on dread. Farmers say the candidate’s pronouncements have exacerbated already difficult labor shortages and brought counterproductive political attention to issues they had hoped to resolve quietly in Congress through legislation overhauling the nation’s broken guest-worker program.
This is the "Food rotting in the field" argument that Steve Sailer loves to bash.
The candidate’s inflammatory talk, especially his vow to deport 11 million immigrants in the country illegally, poses a serious threat to U.S. farmers struggling to get their crops to market, said Frank Muller, who grows tomatoes, peppers, almonds and walnuts on his California farm.

"My farm would shut down today if you removed my ... workforce,' Muller said. "You hear all these disparaging remarks about immigrants, but these guys are the hardest-working, most dedicated people ... I've ever seen in my life."

Trump's campaign declined to comment.

Roughly 1.4 million undocumented immigrants work on U.S. farms each year, or about 60 percent of the agricultural labor force, said Chuck Conner, president of the National Council of Farm Cooperatives, a trade group, and former deputy agriculture secretary during the George W. Bush administration.
Okay, so they use 1.4 million wetbacks a year as nearly slave labor. So why do these assholes want the other 10.6 million in the country? Bullshit starting to pile up, here....
Farmers say they depend on undocumented workers because Americans simply won't do the back-breaking labor required and the existing guest-worker program for foreign workers is badly broken.

Tim McMillan, a Georgia blackberry farmer and owner of Southern Grace Farms, said he could easily double his operation if only he could hire labor.

“We’ve got the land, we’ve got the water, and we’ve got the management — we’ve got everything in place but the labor,” he said. “I can’t get American citizens to do the work. They just don’t want to do it.”
Time to do some mathematics! Wetbacks comprise 60% of the agricultural labor force. There are 1.4 million of them. That means there are ~2.33 million agricultural workers in the country. The year 2012 has the most readily available data for me on the number of H-2A Visa workers in the country, who are the temporary LEGAL immigrant farm workers. (Call them drybacks.) There were ~65,000 of them that year. I doubt there has been much change in the program since then. So, 

That means there are 865,000 AMERICAN WORKERS who ARE willing to do the work. What the growers mean is that they can't get enough Americans to do the work at the rates they are paying. Solutions to that would be to either offer higher wages for labor or invest in more mechanization. Importing people to work as second- or third-class human beings (can't call them citizens) is essentially creating an underclass for the betterment of a few. American history is replete with examples of that, most notably the African slave trade. The consequences for society at large are never good in these examples. 

That is, America would have been better off if the English colonists had picked their own goddamned cotton*.
One final bit from the article:
The farm group released a study last year that found that if Congress passed an enforcement-only immigration bill — boosting deportations and tightening border security without improving farmers' access to immigrant labor — fruit production in the U.S. would drop by as much as 61 percent, food prices in grocery stores would rise by 6 percent and the average net farm income would drop by as much as 30 percent.
Look at those numbers carefully and you will see a not inconsiderable detail: According to the farmers themselves, labor costs aren't that big a part of the equation in the final price-to-market for the consumer, not if a 60% reduction in labor only results in a 30% drop in net farm income, and a mere price increase of 6%. I love cheap citrus as much as the next person (Down with SCURVY!), but I think I could absorb a one-time 6% hike in prices in order to have a country that's a little bit cleaner civilly and morally.

* That is something of an anachronism, but the point is clear.

What did anyone expect?

Confirmation of something obvious to anyone with even the most passing association with women's fashion, especially at the high end.
WWD announced that the forthcoming fall campaign by fashion-forward Swedish brand Acne Studios will star Frasse Johansson, who is a 12-year-old boy. Who is modeling very expensive clothes meant for adult women.

“Walking in high heels is so hard,” Johansson told WWD. “I don’t understand how anyone can walk in them.” Welcome to the patriarchy, kiddo, enjoy your blissfully brief stay.

Jonny Johansson, Acne’s creative director (and also the model’s father), asked his son to be a part of the campaign because he believes the boy represents the “new breed” of consumer, for whom the “cut and character” of clothing is paramount, “rather than seeking approval from society or [following] set norms.”
First, this can't be a surprise, given that the industry is dominated by faeries & queers. They've got no interest in the bodies of mature women: not the more obvious signs of womanhood (breasts, hips, type and amount of subcutaneous fat*), and certainly not vaginas. And a great many of them enjoy the form of pubescent boys. (I'll note that chicken hawk is getting redefined to mean an old gay man who chases "men in the 20s" according to the Urban Dictionary, but that's crap. Chicken hawks chase after newly pubescent boys. See Agnostic's blog for more on this topic.) So it's no surprise that this is the form they design clothes for. 

Second, there's a reason that high fashion doesn't appeal to straight men, not even in its application: For clothing to be truly flattering, it needs to be designed to suit the shape of the body wearing it. (This is a necessary but not sufficient condition.) High fashion (and the medium fashion which derives from it) is designed to suit the wet dreams of a bunch of fags who want the age of consent lowered to the age of twelve so they can butt fuck boys without getting arrested. It isn't designed to flatter the bodies of women. Why women put up with this is beyond me. All the poofters need to be chased out of the business of designing clothes for women - only women and straight men should be doing it. (Don't bother telling me there are already such people about - I know. But the gay mafia dominates.)

But this also highlights a trend that has come into stark relief with the coming out of Caitlyn Jenner. Increasingly, certain men are using the current fashions in customs & mores to take over roles for women. Besides Bruce, there's at least one other drag queen who frequently gets mentioned because he is one of the highest paid "female" CEOs in the country. A certain Hollywood director/writer/producer is now one of the most prominent "woman" directors out there. (Sorry Babs, Penny and Katheryn, you guys just aren't faggy enough to be the biggest female director in Hollywood.)

In another case, an international court has ruled that "women" with undescended testicles can compete as women in international competitions. In any sport where power and strength are dominant, women simply won't be able to compete. It's only a matter of time before trannies break the barrier, too. Bruce is probably too old to win the heptathlon now, but there will be others.

And now, 12 year-old boys are going to take the jobs formerly reserved for anorexic, heroin addicted young women.

Women are so screwed. Though only in the figurative sense, as the people screwing them couldn't care less about pussy if you cut their balls off. Welcome to the Twenty-First Century.

* Woman, especially those in their childbearing years, have both more subcutaneous fat under their skin than men (assume both are fit), and it is structured differently. Straight men, and women, can see the difference in skin of males and females. Even the prettiest of men never achieve that kind of softness of look to their skin. Thus, Caitlyn can, at best, look like a post-menopausal woman. Had he made this switch when he was 25, he'd have still looked like a man in that regard no matter what he did otherwise.