Monday, October 5, 2015

Apologies for the lack of posting ...

... but I've had various other things going on, like the need to take naps and occasionally lick myself. It's a hard life being a cat. Also, I would really like my next post to be on Enoch Powell and his famous "Rivers of Blood" speech, but that will require time to research and write.

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Bonus rants

A few more rants, just for shits and grins.
  • Seeing a lot of citing of gun violence stats. Invariably, these stats include suicides. This is at least somewhat dishonest, especially coming from the people who want to encourage suicide and make it a side business for the medical industry. They're lying coming and going on this front.
  • A very stilted discussion from the assholes on the left in order to ignore the religious dimension to this. From President Asshole on down, the left has been very critical of Christians in this country at every turn. Now, that negativity is paying off with violence against Christians, and they're silent on THAT dimension. Every time some goddamned towel head has someone call them a goddamn towel head, the President takes to the TV to wag his finger at everyone (his core competency) and tell them to shut the fuck up and respect the Mohammedans, what with their female genital mutilation, their pedophilia, their suicide bombings, and whatnot. Because if we don't something bad might happen. Guess what, asshole, you've been mocking Christians publicly (except for Black Liberation "theologians", of course) your entire career, and now they're getting shot. Own it, you fucking shit, and all the rest of you on the left. FULL DISCLOSURE: I'm an atheist myself, but I find the endless sneering contempt for Christians of all stripes rather offensive - especially given that the same people bend over backwards for those savage camel fuckers from the Middle East.
  •  I am darkly amused that the killer is at least partly black, and an immigrant, and may possibly be another Mohammedan*. Paging Donald Trump, paging Donald Trump!
* I call them Mohammedans precisely to show my contempt for them. They claim they worship Allah, but man, you can really piss them off by saying that maybe Mohammad had flees in his beard - or even by just drawing a picture of him. That's just one of many, many reasons to hold them in contempt, but by itself it is enough.

A brief rant about gun control

With the latest mass shooting at a community college the other day we once again got a chance to see President Asshole use the opportunity to climb over the bodies of the dead to state that he should be given even more power and authority to do whatever the fuck he wants*. This isn't a surprise, as that's who he is.

It's also not a surprise to see that a legion of Democrats, progressives and leftists have echoed the call.

But here's where I rant. Suppose, for the sake of argument, that they get what they want, and the Second Amendment gets replaced with an amendment banning the private ownership of firearms. How do they propose to disarm the country and confiscate all the weapons? I live in a rather violent neighborhood, with lots of gangbangers and wannabes. Guys who pride themselves on shooting anyone in the vicinity when they feel like they've been dissed, whether or not the people getting shot had anything to do with it. Do you really think they're going to just hand over their weapons peacefully? There's no chance in Hell of that happening. The only way to disarm my little town would be to surround it with the Army & National Guard, and then march in like an invading army. Every place would have to be searched, and a lot of people would have to be killed. In fact, they'd have to kill a lot of innocents, too, because that's how a battle in an urban/suburban setting works.**

Mind you, the people that want this done are up in arms (figuratively, of course) every time a policeman stops someone who is actually committing a crime. (See, for example, Michael Brown in Ferguson.) How the fuck do they think they're actually going to disarm people if they don't want the police to even stop people in the commission of crimes?

No, this is not about gun violence, or mass shootings. This is about trying to win points for the next election. People like Amanda Marcotte don't give a shit about people getting shot (so long as it isn't them), they only care about winning political battles for their side. You know that neither she nor the President give a shit about all the folks getting shot in places like Chicago and Baltimore this year. They just don't care about anyone not in their social circles, and their social circles are rather select. The rest of us are only here as a backdrop to their fabulousness. We've got no more meaning to them than pit bulls had to Michael Vick, and we can expect no more sympathy.

* Note, however, that when the President HAS had authority, he hasn't bothered to do jack shit. Example: He disappeared for days after a US Ambassador got ass raped to death by a bunch of camel fucking Mohammedans. He didn't bother doing anything to insure security for US personnel in Libya before that, he ducked taking any responsibility after it, and still hasn't really explained what happened, nor has he done anything about the matter. but hey, he;'s got more import things to do, like make certain that Ferguson, Missouri and Baltimore, Maryland burn so that he can try and drum up a few more votes for his party in 2016.

** Not to mention some much more law abiding communities that happen to be full of gun nuts. Those guys are paranoid the government is going to come and get them anyway. How do you think a move to disarm them would work?