Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Note to Sanctimonious English Cunts

Slavery was imported into what became the United States of America by the English. The cavaliers in the South wanted the free labor, and the roundheaded Puritans up north were happy to profit from the trade thereby.

Please remember that the next time one of you Limey cunts wants to be sanctimonious about America's original sin: It was your sin first, we just inherited it.

(Next time we'll just leave you bastards to the Germans.)

1 comment:

  1. We like to sit on our high horses and condemn generations past for their sins. It's fun to feel superior. It feels good. I get that. 150 years in the future , sanctimonious cunts in futuristic intellectual salons will condemn us for killing people(babies) and selling spare parts for profit. Oops....I meant donations. Those screaming harpies at Planned Parenthood are all good socialists, I'm sure.