Tuesday, August 25, 2015

David Gergen - Shill for the Olgarchy

There's so much dishonesty and crappy reasoning in this piece from David Gergen that it's hard to know where to begin. But I think I'll start with this:
It is not clear whether coming events will play into the hands of Bernie Sanders -- they should on inequality -- but they should certainly give Joe Biden more of an opening. A man who was at Obama's side in coming out of the recession, friend of working people, a good Catholic -- those could be high cards for him. 
I can see at least three blatant lies in this paragraph.

First, we never really came out the recession. As Bernie Sanders likes to point out (and Trump too, though not with numbers), if the Labor Force Participation Rate were the same today as it were in 2007, the U-3 unemployment rate (which is the one they always discuss in the news) would still be over 10%. Ten fucking percent unemployment for 6+ years! We only came out of the recession in anything other than a technical sense because we're lying about the numbers. And by 'we' I mean the people in charge, not any of us.

Second, Biden is no friend of the working people, having sponsored a bankruptcy reform bill in 2005 that re-wrote bankruptcy laws in a way favorable to the banksters, and in a way guaranteed to make wage slaves out of the vast majority of future college students.

Third, while I am not a Catholic myself, I do think it is probably hard to call yourself a good Catholic when you are in favor of millions and millions of abortions each year, and in fact want more and more all the time.

Maybe I'll address the more subtle lies later, but probably not. Not even a giant dung beetle from a Japanese Godzilla-type film* could digest a shit sandwich of this size.

* That would be a 'kaiju' film, to all the nerds out there.


  1. President Joe Biden........the man to take the oath of office in a gorilla suit. Honestly, I just can't take the guy seriously.

  2. You do injury to the decorum of men in gorilla suits everywhere, sir! I will meet you on the plains of battle in search of retribution for this affront!

    So, next Sunday, poker at Jimmy's?