Friday, August 14, 2015

Steve Sailer on Informed Consent

Brilliant stuff:
A simple meta-principle that should govern vast social engineering experiments such as immigration, housing policies, disparate impact quotas and so forth is the health and research concept of “Informed Consent.” The potential consequences of government policies such as lack of enforcement of immigration laws or Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing should be explained to American citizenry in simple, frank language. 

Most importantly, no efforts should be made to silence vigorous debate on these subjects in order to bring about Uninformed Submission. In particular, experts, such as Jason Richwine, James D. Watson, and Larry Summers, should not be fired, pour encourager les autres, precisely for offering informed analysis of the likely consequences of social experiments.
If you've got some spare cash, you could do worse than to direct some of it his way.

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