Wednesday, August 26, 2015

The stupid piles up so fast you need a helicopter to stay above it.

This morning's execution of two local TV news people on live TV in Roanoke VA has really brought out the stupid in people. (And let's not forget that a third victim was shot, though she appears to have simply been an incidental target. Last I checked it sounded like the third victim is expected to live, though I've heard nothing on the nature of her injuries.)

On Twitter I didn't even have to go looking for it. The English declared themselves morally superior to Americans, and pointed out that the same people that support gun rights also support slavery. Yes, seriously, I saw this, but I'm not giving any of the fools mentioned in this post any publicity. (And it is embarrassing to see that English teachers professional educators don't know the history of their own country, and that they don't realize that 1776 comes after any date prior to 1776.)

Others took different angles. I saw one Twit from Chicago, and whose profile claimed he were originally from Detroit, point out that the area in question voted heavily for Romney in 2012, and were therefore likely very pro-gun, and therefore it was their fault. The irony of the Twit being from Chicago and Detroit completely escaped him. Nor did this black man (based on his picture) make any note of the fact that the shooter was a black man, which had already been noticed by that point in time.

Someone else stated that if there had been MORE people with guns around they would have prevented this. The attack, by every account I have read and seen (NOTE: I have not watched either the live news feed of the attack or the killer's own footage of the attack, and won't), was an ambush. If everyone there had had a concealed carry permit and was packing, it would have made ZERO DIFFERENCE, as the attack was a surprise and over in seconds.

The stupid is all around for this one.

SIDE NOTE: Drudge has a shot up at the top of his page of the reporter and her interview subject apparently at the moment they're being shot. That is in exceptionally poor taste, even for a self-acknowledged muck-raker such as Matt Drudge. Bad form. Cum-stained dresses are one thing, but this is something different.


  1. A lot of people are saying.....again, that this shooting demands that we enact "common-sense" gun laws. Nonsense. The killer has emotional issues, but he knew right from wrong. He killed those two people, not because he was crazy, but because he was evil. He texted a friend shortly after the shooting that he "did something stupid" and everything points to a fair amount of planning and thought. The shooter was described , by the AP no less!, as a "professional victim". I hope they toss this sub-human's dead body in a landfill.

  2. Landfill's are supposed to be sanitary, but I get the point.