Friday, November 27, 2015

Thoughts on Assimilation

With the ongoing refugee crisis in Europe, as well as the hordes flowing over US borders, there has been much talk of assimilating minorities from other cultures into the predominant cultures of the new homeland.

Some of the more progressive types think talk of assimilation is a crime in and of itself, as the poor dears shouldn't have to adapt to their new homelands, but that the natives should have to bend over backwards for the new precious snowflakes. But even most progressive idiots don't hold that position for long when the newbies want to start mutilating the women-folk and buring the fags.

But many progressives don't want to much assimilation because they want more exotic choices in everything from food to sexual deviancy. (England's upper class poofters, for example, have long enjoyed the practice of visiting the north coast of Africa because many of the Arab countries sell their boys as prostitutes. This is so well-know I'm not even going to bother finding links. But if they import enough Arabs, they can practice peadophilia in the comforts of Old Blighty itself. I mean with less chance of the little wogs sounding off, of course.)

But a good many progressives, as well as those more conservatively aligned DO believe in cultural assimilation, and they believe it can happen. As examples they point to such things as the waves of immigrants that came to the USA in the latter half of the Nineteenth and early parts of the Twentieth Century.

But here's the thing: It's one thing for Poles and Italians, who were Catholics, to assimilate into an America that already had a sizable Catholic population, than it is for Muslims to assimilate into US culture. Catholics cannot be considered part of the mainstream of the American Protestant culture, but at least they're ultimately Christians, and have many shared religious precepts with Protestants. Similarly with Orthodox Christians coming from places further east. They were European in ethnicity, culture, and outlook, and Christian by tradition. There was a lot of shared cultural beliefs that made assimilating possible. (And it was NOT as smooth a process as the propagandists would have you believe.)

The point is, if you expect a minority population of immigrants to assimilate to the majority culture, you'd better start with a minority population that already shares a bunch of traits with the indigenous people. The America experience has examples of what can happen when not following this rule, as well.

There are two groups among us that simply have not assimilated, despite hundreds of years of contact with the dominant culture: Blacks and Native Americans. Both come from cultures and ethnicities very alien to European cultures, and neither has assimilated well.

Anyone paying attention to our history should realize that the importation of further large minority populations from the Third World is likely to do nothing but cause grief in the long run, but then, noticing these things is crimethink, and we can't have that.

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