Saturday, November 14, 2015

This is not a wake up call

To those claiming this is a "wake up call" for Europe, the US, or whomever:

No, it isn't. It isn't even new. It isn't even new to Europe. They've attacked the subways of London (7/7/2005, 57 dead, 700 wounded) and the train stations of Spain (3/11/2004, 191 dead, 1800 wounded). In 2002 Moscow experienced a massacre in a theater that killed 133 and injured over 700. On 9/1/2004, an attack on a school killed hundreds in Beslan, Russia - 186 dead children, 148 other hostages killed, 10 others dead, 10 special forces. Locals state that over 200 remain missing.

I don't think I need to mention what has happened on US soil.

So, not new, not new to Europe. New to Paris, at this scale, but the Charlie Hebdo massacre from earlier this year (which also included an attack on a Jewish grocer) presaged this attack.

And what are you expecting people to wake up for? That Muslim fanatics love bathing in the blood of infidels? That letting in millions of Muslims into a non-Muslim country is a bad idea? That maybe Assad's Ba'athist government in Syria isn't so awful afterall?

Not going to happen. Obama can't even admit that it is Muslims doing the killing, and despite everything the leaders of Europe also won't admit that Islam is a problem. (And Bush was no better than Obama, for those wondering.) The people running the show there and here WANT more refugees from the Third World, because the want the internal strife and distrust that brings, since such strife makes those in the know richer and more powerful. If some of those refugees are blood-thirsty killers, that will be EVEN BETTER from their standpoint.

And even if those things weren't true, our leaders will not admit that Assad's government might be the best possible solution in Syria. For one thing, it would mean admitting that they were wrong, and that doesn't happen. People don't realize it, but the US has allied itself with al Qaeda in Syria in order to oust Assad. Al pig-fucking Qaeda! We call them al Nusra, and say we aren't allied with them, but we've been protesting that the Russians are bombing the "good rebels" in Syria, when the Russians have primarily focusedd on our buddies al Nusra.

We're in bed with the people behind the 9/11 attacks. That is how fucked up our government is right now.

So, this ain't no wake-up call, and even if it was, what is anyone going to do - hit the snooze button?

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