Tuesday, November 17, 2015

That which should be the top national story in the USA: Hillary often confused

Slowly, slowly, the information from Hillary's email server trickles out. Not all of the email was HRC's, some belonged to her top aides, such as Huma Abedin. Judicial Watch has found some goodies in Huma's email, such as the statement that Hillary is "often confused." She's all there some of the time, and some of the time she isn't. Typical of someone going senile with age.

One would think that the leading contender for the Democratic Presidential nomination showing signs of senility would be something in which the "news" media would take interest. But nothing, if not for Judicial Watch, Drudge, and some other alt-media types.

Hillary's senility has become increasing evident if (a) you've had any experience with someone who has gone senile and (b) you're paying attention. This is why she gives very few interviews, and usually only takes them from trusted paid hacks - actual give-and-take conversations will eventually reveal that she is an old woman with diminishing faculties. It's also why her responses are always so canned - they've been drilled into her as a defense against public statements of a revealing nature.

Really, it is shameful to see the old harridin be used once again by those around her. But Bill needs at least the threat of another Clinton Presidency to keep the money flowing into the Clinton Foundation coffers, and Hillary's aides all have their own checkbooks to worry about. Not to mention all the graft that is available to those controlling a President.

But then the old hag is used to being used: in fact it seems to be her main purpose in life.

NOTE: I have no problem calling Hillary names, as she has abused people both publicly and privately for decades, most notably Bill's numerous other women.

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