Wednesday, December 2, 2015


So the President of the USA and a bunch of other alleged world leaders got together in Paris to determine how to make the world a poorer place. I refer, of course, to the climate change conference.

While in Paris, the President stated that THIS, talking about climate change, was how to repudiate ISIS, who, naturally, doesn't give a fuck about climaate change because they're having too much fun chopping off people's heads, burning them alive, throwing teh gays off high places and indulging in sex slavery with women and children. Way to go, Barry O! That'll show 'em!

Even worse, the world's leaders all congratulated themselves on the courage they showed for showing up to repudiate the terrorists in this stupid manner. Courage? Paris was probably more heavily guarded during the conference than the Federal gold Depository at Fort Knox, Kentucky. The French government even used the recent "man-made disaster" to tighten up security by putting climate change protesters (those who basically SUPPORT the world leaders  who want to make everyone poorer!) under house arrest.

So, they claimed they were repudiating terrorism and showing courage while not addressing terrorism at all (which  is okay, as the conference WAS about climate change) and while the wimps congratulated themselves on their great courage. Truly, Obama deserves the Congressional Metal of Honor for this - in his own mind.

But that isn't what was shameful to me. I don't expect anything else other than extreme vanity and self-serving rationalizations from the leaders of the world.

No, what's shameful is that pretty much no one in the press called them on it, nor does anyone really seem to care. Obama i eating a $2,000 dollar a plate meal in some palace in Paris while ISIS burns people to death, he calls HIMSELF the courageous one, and our media laps it up.


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