Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Prediction Time: University of Missouri Edition

The Cat is back.

  1. At least two of the incidents that prompted the trouble of the University of Missouri will be shown to be hoaxes. I actually think all of them are hoaxes, as reported, but given the nature of the incidents it will be hard to prove that they occurred as reported, much less prove they didn't. For example, does anyone really believe that a bunch of black men were approached at night by a lone white man who called them a "nigger" and that the black men cowered in fear, as opposed to the black men beating the white man within an inch of his life? And a Nazi sympathizer will not draw a Swastika in shit, no more than a devout Christian would draw a Crucifix or Jesus Fish in shit. The Crucifix and Jesus Fish are holy symbols to Christians, and they wouldn't disrespect them like that.  Similarly for Swastikas and Nazi sympathizers.
  2. If any of the incidents are proven to be hoaxes, the hoaxers will not be punished, but will instead be lauded. They'll get a second trip to the White House to visit Barack Obama (I have no doubt the Barry's people are already working on the first visit), their own special with Oprah, etc, etc.
  3. Within 14 months another college football team attempt to fire their university leadership. If successful, it will happen again within another 12 months, and at that point the school leadership will instead fire several people within the athletic department, remove scholarships from the offending players, and possible suspend the entire football team. 
  4. I expect that schools will quietly start looking into purchasing insurance policies to cover fees and penalties for cancelled football games in coming weeks. No idea how that will go.
  5. No major university president will have the guts of Robert Maynard Hutchins to eliminate football. Of course, Hutchins didn't have to deal with revenue streams as large as modern revenue streams, so maybe he wouldn't either.
Some other observations. Those whites congratulating this action don't seem to be getting it. Two men (at least) have lost their jobs, not because they did anything wrong, or encouraged wrong-doing, or were incompetent, but were instead fired solely because they were white, straight, and had become the targets of a faggoty black attention whore. (Who knows why, or cares why? Ah, who am I kidding, I have some speculation below.)

And to hear certain whites talk, they also don't understand that the people protesting (not so peacefully - let's dispel that notion, as they've run in front of moving vehicles attempting to cause crashes, clashed with police when faced with lawful and sensible orders, have threatened reporters, have called for and achieved harm to other individuals, etc) don't care if the University President and others are racist or not, by the old notions of what constitutes racism. They're white, and as such, they're automatically racist, and deserve every bad thing that happens to them. If the whites supporting the protesters think that their sympathies with this kind of disgusting behavior will make them immune to such treatment themselves, then they're even more stupid than they are weak-minded.

It comes down to this: When you reward bad behavior, you will get more of it. We rewarded Michael Brown (posthumously, 'tis true) for acting like a thug, so blacks in Ferguson burned down their town. We rewarded blacks in Ferguson for burning down their town, so blacks in Baltimore burned down their city. Now that those blacks in Baltimore have been rearded for burning down their city, they've gone on a historic murder spree.

Having seen all those rewards, you now have a effete faggoty black attention whore wanting HIS share of the attention.

And why wouldn't he? Look at how horribly he has been treated at Mizzou! He's been voted student body president at a school that's only 8% black. I hear he was voted Home Coming King. What awful mistreatment! (Imagine the old white folks who came to Home Coming and found out that now their alma mater is being run by a little black grievance queen. Let's see how Mizzou does with endowment bequests in coming years. They may find that caving in was actually a financial mistake.)

But the little queen is too effete to riot or murder anyone, so instead he'll have an attack of the vapors. Given that he has a megaphone and some political talent, he got a LOT of attention for his particular attack of the vapors. It's funny that the most fag-bashing group of brothers on campus decided to back him up, but perhaps the Mizzou football team doesn't want anyone to notice that they're a bunch of rapists. Expect more in the future: more college attending faggoty black attention whores to cause a ruckus, more black football players to back them up with the tacit acknowledgement that they'll get to rape some white bitches. (It's not like a black faggot is going to give a shit about some white woman.)

I've never really bought the hype about the so-called Greatest Generation. They were hit with problems, and they endured them. What else were they going to do? They were led by older generations through the Depression and WWII, so they didn't do everything themselves, and didn't have to make the critical decisions. Regardless of the hype, and my aversion to it, they DID accomplish great things, and deserve their share of the credit for their achievements. But now as they fade from the scene, they're being replaced by an early and strong candidate for the Worst Generation. The Millennials, Generation Wuss, are proving to be completely worthless.

BONUS MATERIAL: The war on Free Speech at Yale continues. How DARE you wear any costume that hasn't been pre-approved by the commissars? And speaking of famous hoaxes, UVA frat to sue Rolling Stone Magazine for $25,000,000. Here's hoping they get much more than that. After all, we've just seen at Mizzou that being called a racist is a career wrecker. Oh, wait, they've been called rapists, not racists. I guess that's a ticket to getting football scholarships, so maybe they won't win.

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