Tuesday, November 17, 2015

"UN warns Europe against 'backtracking' on migrant commitments"

So says the headline. From the story:
A spokesman for the UN rights agency, Rupert Colville, described calls for a crackdown on migrants as "very, very stupid."

"It's really pretty disgusting how extreme anti-immigrant politicians and media commentators have jumped on this attack to push their existing agendas. That is really pretty obscene actually, given what happened in Paris," Colville told reporters. 
You mean it's disgusting that the right-wing parties predeicted tat this would happen, despite the assurances of people at thee UN and elsewhere, and that now that it HAS happened it's disgusting that they're calling you guys out as incompetents, frauds or worse? Yeah, I thought that's what you meant.

The UN, by the way, is still claiming that no Syrian refugee has been involved in any violent acts in Europe. At some point you have to acknowledge that the UN is on the side of the terrorists. I suggest a vigorous bombing of NYC, preferably with nukes. Just to be sure.

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