Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Diversity Clown Theatre

In Missouri, the place where the latest round of Blacks Behaving Badly turned into a political movement, we have another story of racial injustice. Two white middle schoolers stabbed a 43 year-old black woman to death while she was at a commercial car wash, and then went joyriding in her car with her body propped up in the front seat.

Incredible, isn't it?

Also, completely unbelievable. Instead, it was a couple of typical Sons of Obama types stabbing a white woman to death and then doing all the rest of it. That IS completely believable. No word on if the Obama Justice Department will investigate this as a hate crime.

Meanwhile, the incident behind one of the other Black Lives Matter protests in California was revealed to be a fraud. The racist comments that sparked the incident at Berkeley High School (where else?) were in fact posted by a "student of color."

I assume the current brouhahas are about 95% hoax, minimum, and that the people doing the complaining are mostly looking for an excuse to commit acts of violence.

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