Thursday, November 26, 2015

More of the same old, same old....

So there's a case out of Chicago in which a cop has been indicted on first degree murder charges for shooting a 17 year-old black man to death. From what I know of the case, it sounds like a proper charge to be leveled against the cop, and frankly I'm surprised that this particular cop hadn't been drummed off the force previous to the incident in question. Police in bad areas need ass-kickers on the force (and if you don't believe this you either don't live in a bad area OR YOU ARE PART OF THE PROBLEM), but this guy sounds like he's a little too unhinged, especially for this day and age.

That sad, this is also another case of Blacks Behaving Badly. The victim not only had a record, but had been engaged in several criminal acts that evening while bombed out of this universe on PCP. So it's hardly a case of some sweet innocent dying either. (Naturally the family says he was turning things around. Around and around and around, whilst on elephant tranquilizers, methinks.)

Which makes me wonder if The Talk ought to include something like, "Don't go on a crime spree while bombed out of this universe on PCP and then ignore repeated lawful orders from the police to stop acting like an insane criminal"?

Just a thought.

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