Friday, November 13, 2015

Republican voters may get who they vote for; Republican Party officials panic!

A great many Republican voters have finally figured out that to the party establishment they, the voters, are simply useful idiots. And they're not going to take it any more. So they'll vote for the guy with the funny hair or the guy who cuts children up for a living just because at least those guys haven't repeatedly lied TO THEM.

The party establishment COULD try taking the concerns of their voters seriously, but that ain't happening. The Big Money behind the Republican Party hates the people of America, and they insist their paid lackeys do as well.

The good news for Republican chances is that the Dems are likely to nominate Hillary Clinton, who's appeal as a "strong woman" is somewhat diminished by the fact that the only reason she is widely known is that her husband has spent decades publicly humiliating her. Seriously, toil,et paper gets treated with much more respect than Bill has treated Hillary - you only wipe your ass with a piece of TP once, Bill has wiped his ass (and the asses of all his whores, sluts, bimbos and rape victims) with Hillary for forty years now.

Seriously, imagine how Trump is going to do with Hillary - she'll talk about her appeal as a strong woman & leader, and Trump with respond by mentioning that the only bullets she's dodged are imaginary, while she's let Bill piss on her publicly her entire adult life.

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