Monday, December 21, 2015

Speaking of dumb fuckery....

... Barack Obama has opened his pie hole again. This time he is complaining that The Donald The Great White Hope is exploiting the fears of working class white men. Of course Barack Obama is terrified of working class white men, because he thinks they're all Klansmen running around murdering and raping black bodies, but one can't discount stupid enough in this case.

Interestingly, Obama acknowledges that SOME fear and resentment are perhaps justified, but that they're misplaced. Misplaced how, exactly? Won't say. That would be telling. But white men really ought to be pissed at their leaders, especially pukes like Paul Ryan, who just sold them all down the river for another million Muslim refugees and another ten million Mexicans, so that Barry could get more domestic terrorists* and the Koch Brothers could slash wages some more.

What can I tell you? It's Christmas, and I'm cranky.

* Barry isn't Muslim, and couldn't give a fuck about Islam either way. (All the talk about Barry's Islamic past is useful smokescreen for both sides - if he were really Muslim he would not have such an immodest (by standards of America, much less Islam) wife.) But the more terrorism in country, the more the government can clamp down on domestic political opposition. Interestingly, this is a goal of both parties. Don't believe me? Then why are the leaders of both parties working so hard to import millions of Muslims, Muslims with such repugnant cultural practices as forced marriage, slavery, and female genital mutilation, from places like the Sudan, Somalia, Syria and Libya, when those Muslims and their children are likely going to produce a fair amount of domestic terrorism? Muslims, who are believed to account for about 1% of the US population, have accounted for half of all domestic terrorism since 9/12/2001. And we know from places like France and Belgium that we've had a better class of Muslim immigrant - up until about 20 years ago. Now that we're taking actual plants from ISIS? Sheeeeee-it, negro! You either have to assume that the people that have risen to the top of the American political scene are the most stupid people on the planet, or you have to assume that at this point they know exactly what they're doing on the immigration front (at least), and are simply that evil and corrupt.

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