Monday, September 14, 2015

El Gato: Visionary Extraordinaire!

I have predicted car accidents with stunning accuracy. I called the Donald Trump Presidential campaign that is happening this year in 2011!* I've called divorces before the marriage vows had been finalized. I even understood that Burger King's controversial french fries were here to stay. I am a true visionary with the sight.

And months ago, I called the Infamous Jimus draft pick by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers a bust. Today that last vision started to become clear. There will be ups, of course, but the downs will outweigh them. As with most Number 1 picks, he will be given more chances than he should probably get. But make no mistake, he will end up looking more like Jimbo Fisher's other first round QB busts** than he will Andrew Luck, Peyton Manning, or John Elway.

* Under another name, but it was done, and in print, and publicly.

** E. J. Manuel, Christian Ponder, and wonder of wonders, Jamarcus Russell.

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  1. Bucs/Titans game sure looked ugly. So did Winston's performance. Over/Under when the crowd starts to turn on the guy and what form will it take? This can be fun!