Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Colin Cowherd was right, but what to name the award?

So a few weeks back, Colin Cowherd, an execrable radio host for ESPN Sports Radio, did not renew his contract with the network. (ESPN is apparently in cost-cutting mode, which is an interesting development on its own.)

Not long thereafter, he made some comments about Dominicans, which those who like to take offense took offense to. Cowherd backed up his comments with a clarification, before ultimately being forced to grovel before being let go from ESPN a couple of weeks early. ESPN thus got to damage a future property of Fox Sports 1 while pretending that the rich Jews that run Disney give a shit about the sensitivities of anyone other than rich Jews. (What stodgy WASPs would call "keeping up appearances".)

I hope to revisit this topic at some point in the future, in more depth, as my writing schedule allows. (It's tough fitting in any writing at all around all the naps in sunny spots during the day. And the night? Well, the night is for other things....)

But I want to make the "So-and-so was right" meme a regular feature, and can't decide on a good name for this. I was thinking of calling it Colin Cowherd Profile in Clueless Truthfulness Award but besides the clunkiness of it, I don't really want to see Colin Cowherd's name all over my journal except as absolutely necessary.

I'm considering calling it The Jimmy the Greek Award, but I'm not sure about that. Jimmy was half-right in his explanation of the dominance of the American black athlete (genetics), but was most likely wrong about the cause of those genetic gifts (the selection pressures predated American slavery, as shown by the dominance of sprinters of west African descent). But that doesn't quite fit Cowherd, as he was pretty much completely correct about the basis of his assertion - he just didn't look past the surface facts to get at any deeper truths. (And who can blame him? Nothing kills a public career dead faster than pointing out any differences in the races that aren't completely complementary to non-Whites.)

So, I'm struggling for the name of the award, and the rationale for using that name. Suggestions, loyal reader?

(If it helps, another retroactive recipient will be Kelly Osbourne, for stating the truth about illegal immigration.)

ADDED: Actually, I've stumbled across the name: The Robbie! More later.

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  1. How about " The Nicholson" for Jack Nicholson's immortal character Col. Nathan Jessup from "A Few Good Men". You can't handle the truth............