Wednesday, September 2, 2015

A couple of observations about the Planned Parenthood videos

First, the callousness of some of the PP workers shouldn't come as a surprise. People that do horrible things for a living tend to become inured to their work - it losses its horrors over time. (Talk to anyone that works in an ER if you don't believe me.)

Also, working as an abortionist is a natural profession for a sociopath or sadist. Surgeon is one of the top five professions for sociopaths, at least according to some sources. And abortion is essentially a type of surgery. Look to that Philadelphia abortionist from a couple of years back for a trenchant example of what I'm talking about.

Second, I have a question. For people that are pro-abortion rights, why do you think selling an aborted fetus is a bad thing? After all, having decided to terminate the pregnancy, what difference does it make if the fetus is sold for a profit? There's much offense being taken at accusations that PP has done exactly this, but why? You already think the fetus doesn't have any rights as a human being, so what difference does it make if one sells them for whatever reason afterwards?

I can understand why some women having abortions might not want to do that (cases of abortion to protect the health of the mother & cases of extreme congenital defects spring to mind immediately), but why is it considered a bad thing otherwise? The positions seem completely at odds to me.

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  1. Maybe the reason the pro-abortionists take offence at the thought of selling fetal parts for profit is that it isn't the idea of selling fetal parts that bothers them. It's the profit angle that bothers them. I am sure that a significant portion (if not outright majority) of the pro-abortion crowd are closet (or openly) Marxists.